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The Pashto language Academy was set up in 1955 with Maulana Abdul Qadir, a well-known scholar of Pashto Language, as its Director.The Academy has done tremendous service towards promotion of the Pashto Language and literature. It is not merely a publication body, it is an institute of research as well as the learned body for the development of Pashto Language and literature.

The study of the Pashtoon Culture, history, art and literature, both classic and modern, is also a major function of this Academy. Before the establishment of the Academy, there were no worthwhile standard literary works and the language was almost unfamiliar to modern world.

During the course of time, the Academy has produced about 537 publications consisting of classics, modern literature, criticism; scientific studies, translation, Pashto lexicon, research publications, booklets in basic Pashto and the Pashto Journal. The Academy has a specialized research library consisting of printed books, rare books, rare manuscripts, microfilms, audiovisual cassettes, tapes and photographs of scholars and poets. A Research Cell for broad-based work on the life and works of the warrior poet Khushal Khan Khattak has recently also been set up by the Government of Pakistan in the Pashto Academy.

After the death of Maulana Abdul Qadir, the scholars who headed the Academy included Mian Syed Rasool Rasa, Azim Shah Khyal Bokhari and Prof. Mohammad Nawaz Tair who made immense contribution towards the promotion of the Pashto language and literature. Prof. Dr. Raj Wali Shah Khattak who has given new life to the Academy by his hard-work day and night and Prof. Dr. Nasrullah Jan Wazir, who is currently the Director of the Academy.

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