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The Pashto Academy, University of Peshawar is a teaching, research and publication institution. It is situated in the historical valley of Peshawar that has been home to the rich cultural heritage of the Pashtoons. The Academy was established in 1955 at the University of Peshawar due to the untiring efforts of its founder Director Maulana Abdul Qadir who through his academic and administrative skills and potentialities gave a very solid foundation to this unique institution. The main objective of the Academy since its inception has been the promotion and depiction of the Pashtoon social and cultural life. The Academy attracts scholars and researchers from all over the world who have worked and are still working on all aspects of the life of the Pashtoons. Under the patronage of the Academy the Pashto Department was established in 1961 as a Postgraduate teaching department which is now working as a separate department.

The Academy consists of different sections that conduct research on folklore, classical literature (prose& poetry) dictionary, encyclopedia, translation etc. This unique institution also performs the work of an archives. The Academy has linkages with the Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad and Lok Virsa, Islamabad and some other institutions at national and international level. So that the Academy may be able to run the going academic/research activates in the field of on Puktun Culture, society, language, history, and folklore. The Academy has also close contacts with the regional languages i.e Sindhi, Balochi and Punjabi through their respective institutions and centres. Over the years the Academy has published many books on every aspect of Pukhtoon Culture, society, history, language and literature. It also provides all the educational and supportive material for the Pashto syllabus for primary level in Balochistan and Afghanistan. The Academy regularly publish a Biannual Research Journal Pashto. The Pashto Academy was attached to the Faculty of Islamic and Oriental Studies in 2002. In January 2006 the Academy took on the status of a teaching body by introducing a M.Phil/Ph.D programme in a purely new discipline Rohology. Rohology is the study of the Pukhtuns language, literature, Folklore, culture and history. Various of students have been admitted for M.Phil, M.Phil leading to PhD and PhD degree programme and are progressing with great zeal. It is a unique programme because it is the only degree that will be given in the field of Folklore, culture and linguistics. Various PhD scholars successfully completed the study Research program and awarded degrees in the said discipline. Our future programme includes establishment of Pashtoonology centre introduction of a four year Bachelor and one year Master programme in the discipline of Rohology.

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote the Pashto language and its literature.
  • To undertake research work regarding classical and modern Pashto literature on scientific lines.
  • To translate into Pashto the renowned masterpieces of international literature and to translate the Pashto masterpieces in other major languages of the world.
  • To compile a comprehensive Dictionary of Pashto Language.
  • To extend academic assistance to Pashto writers and poets.
  • To collect/buy, research and publish old Pashto manuscripts form different places, institutions and individuals.
  • To collect important information about the languages which are related to Pashto for research purposes.
  • To publish, periodically, a standard Pashto magazine.
  • To arrange seminars and conference on different important literary, cultural and research issues.
  • To produce scholars with a deeper understanding of the Pukhtoon culture, language, history and literature.