Inception of the Environment Society

Maintaining a clean environment and raising awareness of environmental issues amongst the students on campus is one of the needs of the day. There was a need to establish this society to create awareness and promote environment friendly practices throughout the campus amongst the students. Looking at this need, Dr Asif Khan Khattak, Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences, proposed the establishment of a student-run society called ‘Environment Society’ to the honourable Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Asif Khan, who kindly approved its establishment in July 2018.

It was anticipated that this Society will encourage green and environmentally friendly practices on campus amongst the students. It will also play an important role in mass communication of many environmental problems (and their possible solutions) that we are experiencing on campus. This will be carried out by organising seminars, workshops, invited talks of renown environmental scientists, running events on various UN international days related to the environment, peaceful awareness walks, etc.

Behavioural changes in societies towards environmental problems do not take place overnight. It is a slow and painstaking process and the academia is an excellent platform where we can begin this. The establishment of the Environment Society was not only proven beneficial for students, but also for the faculty members and the university administration.

Mission statement:

The mission of the Environment Society is “To explore the potential of students to improve our environment”.

Vision statement:

The vision of the Environment Society is “To create and spread awareness regarding environment friendly and green practices for the promotion of a clean and green campus by organising various events and activities, thus contributing to sustainable development in the face of climate change”.

Objectives of the Environment Society:

  • To promote a campaign to improve the overall campus environment.
  • To develop awareness in the students regarding environment friendly and green practices for the promotion of a clean and green campus and for saving the environment.
  • To encourage and enhance knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature, and the practice of conservation of natural resources among the students.
  • To provide a forum for bringing together experiences related to the environment from individuals, institutions and organizations, such as to hold talks in the society’s seminar series.
  • To arrange various events and activities on various World Days related to the environment.
  • To create awareness regarding environmental pollution and environmental degradation, and its effects on human health.