Controller Message

Peshawar University is growing and excelling since 1950. The university has 06 faculties and 43 departments offering about different courses/programs (undergraduates / post graduates classes) being run on annual and semester/term basis. The university conducts examinations for approximate 03 lac examinees in a year.

The examinations’ being a very sensitive and time bound task, are conducted by the Degree Section and the Conduct Section on one side and evaluation on the other. These different sections work in a very cordial manner having committed and dedicated staff under the supervision of Assistant Controller Secrecy, Assistant Controller Programming and Deputy Controller Conduct and Degrees with their given duties and responsibilities.

To keep pace in with changing time, increasing number of candidates, expanding workload, and shortening delivery time, the university has already introduced I.T. solutions to provide quality services.

Any University which dreams of becoming flagship in educational arena must have an eye on the console to analyze staggering parameters indicating level of quality education being imparted, teaching pedagogy vis-à-vis its impact on the students’ attitude – through results.

High Scholarship inculcating wisdom, love and justice together with transparency, merit and fair play in action are virtues that form the basis of every glorious civilization. The ultimate end of any society should be to promote individual, trim has demeanors, harness his capabilities and ornament his conduct with traits that enable him to see entire human race as offsprings of a single family  and love and serve everyone indiscriminately.

Every academic activity in Higher Education Institutions, therefore, should be so oriented as to explore latent potentialities among men and direct them for the benefit of the entire human race. Higher Education Institutions as such should be the torch bearers and custodians of virtues.

The University of Peshawar in Pakistan, being in academic service for more than half a century, proudly, has produced individuals equipped with high scholarship and moral values and are serving the nation both in the humanities and the sciences. It has earned its name and fame because of academic excellence and moral standards and is committed to uphold its tradition and mission in the present and in the future.

Veracity, Quality and Control are the rudimentary principles on which I firmly believe. By the grace of Allah and indomitable commitment of Office of Controller of Examinations team have been able in a short time to reinstate the credibility, reliability and functionality of this most critical and dynamic section. By virtue of deep involvement and dedication in the examination matters, I am pleased that office of Controller of Examinations now plays a vital role in the University’s strategic decisions.

Now we intend to embark on reshaping its services. We are heading towards emerging as swift service-provider. To achieve it we have to energize and exert more collectively by pledging ourselves to the highest level of commitment facilitating all stakeholders with our services and values. In this regard, I am pleased to share with all my colleagues that Controller of Examinations has compiled Manual of Examinations for the entire university which contains all the necessary rules/regulations to give better insight about the examinations and its various functions.