GALLUP Pakistan Chairman speaks on “Dynamics of Pakistan’s Population: Agenda for Research”in Pakistan Study Centre Seminar

The GALLUP Pakistan Chairman Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gillani delivered a lecture in Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar  Seminar. His theme was “Dynamics of Pakistan’s Population: Agenda for Research”.  



Speaking on the occasion, he underlined some demographic trends in Pakistan. He said that 33% of Pakistani population lives in cities of whom 13% live in metropolitan cities (Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi), 13% in 68 cities with population more than 100,000 and another 13%  in 394 cities with population less  than 100,000. He said that though, the percentage of urban population is lesser than the rural one, but most of the affluent, educated and middle class live in cities. It is need of the hour that besides rural areas, Pakistan Study Centres across the country should focus on urban settlements. Prospective researchers should conduct research on cities with an aim to see as how to empower people living there? The history, culture, human and other resources of cities need to be addressed afresh. He said that Higher Education Commission can play a vital role in this regard. Earlier Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam, Director Pakistan Study Centre inaugurated the seminar and thanked the guest of honour for gracing the occasion.