Defence Day Observed at UoP with True National Spirit

We will defend the country together as one nation against any external or internal aggression, was the message evident from the speeches and spirited slogans of the students and staff of varsities on the 50th defence day observed at the University of Peshawar with true national spirit. The day long events jointly organized by the UoP and sister Universities in Peshawar started from a spirited display of national fervor  in front of the convocation hall where the national flag was hoisted followed by march past from a contingent of police.

One minute silence was observed on 9:29 which was followed by the national anthem and an impressive display of patriotic songs from the police band.  

A solidarity walk was held to pay homage to the martyrs of 1965 war and all those shuhada who laid their lives for the safety and prosperity of the country. The walk started from the Main Administration Bock of the University of Peshawar till the VC Chowk. It was attended by hundreds of students and staff of varsities and was led by Vice Chancellors including VC, UoP Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan, Vice Chancellor Agricultural University Prof. Dr. Zahoor Swati, VC Islamia College University Mr. Ajmal Khan, Director IM Sciences Dr. Mohsin and Vice Chancellor Sarhad University Dr. Salim ur Rehman.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion the Vice Chancellor UoP Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan said that the country takes pride in the unmatchable sacrifices of its armed forces in the 1965 war. He added that Pakistan Army with the support of the people of the country defeated an enemy which was ten times technologically more advanced and far more greater in number. The only thing that bring downfall of the enemy was true sense of patriotism and faith in ALLAH, he informed.

Dr. Jan added today we were faced with a situation that both external and internal forces trying to destabilize the nation. He urged the youth to study day and night to make technological advancement for the self-sustainability and resilience of the motherland.

Pakistani nation has always stood the test of time and emerged as a stronger country after every turmoil, said Prof. Dr. Zahoor Swati in his address.

We take pride in the fact that the first Shaheed of Pakistan was Major Yousaf who was a student of the Islamia College Peshawar, said Mr. Ajmal Khan, VC ICU adding that he was proud to be leading an institution which has produced true sons to this soil.

We live in peace today because of the sacrifices of our armed forces who leave their families and are stationed on borders just that our families shall be safe, said Dr. Mohsin. He added that as an atomic power Pakistan can rightly be called as true forte of Islam.

Dr. Salim ur Rehman in his speech dispel the impression that India has faced less loss than said in record books in 1965 war. He added the enemy design to undermine the country would not get accomplished.

At the end dua was offered for all the martyrs of Pakistan and victims Shaheeds of Army Public School.