International Volunteer Day Celebration Held at University of Peshawar

Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management (CDPM), University of Peshawar in collaboration with Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS). Khyber Pakhtunkhwa celebrated the International Volunteer Day at the University of Peshawar. This day is observed each year at the global level, which gives chance to the volunteer and individual to promote their organizational and individual contribution to development at local, national and international levels.     

The Chief Guest of the occasion was the worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan, who was accompanied by the Director CDPM, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Jan and the Assistant Director, Youth and Volunteer Department, PRCS-KP, Mr. Ahmad Hussain.          

The Chief Guest, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan, focused on the importance and need of volunteerism in his address to the audience. He appreciated the volunteer efforts of Bacha Khan, Abdus Sattar Edhi, Mother Teresa and Imran Khan. He expressed his contentment towards the teaching community of University of Peshawar who voluntarily accepted the deduction of Rs.3.0 million from their salaries for the purpose to provide assistance to the needy students. He said that we are unfortunate for the reason that we are continuously facing crisis from the North to the South regions and this demands from us, that we should take the ownership and stand up for the betterment of humanity. He emphasized that volunteering enhances social cohesion, strengthens communities and provides inner satisfaction to the volunteer themselves.   He said that we have greater expectations from our young generation who will work as volunteer for the societal benefits, social inclusion, physical and psychological wellbeing and will make this world a paradise for themselves and upcoming generations. Appreciating the efforts of volunteers the Vice Chancellor Said the University of Peshawar is proud of its volunteer for continuously supporting the needy people and working for the welfare of humanity.           

The Director CDPM, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Jan welcomed the chief guest and all the volunteers and students of the Centre to the occasion. He said that today’s celebration is to recognize the efforts of volunteers across the country. Every person regardless of his/her situation and circumstances has something to offer to the humanity and every individual has the capacity for caring and working for the solidarity to alleviate human sufferings and contribute to human dignity. He emphasized that the task of protecting human dignity and achieving Nobel goals such as eradicating illiteracy, poverty and hunger, intolerance and extremism and other things to human dignity would be impossible without the energy and dedication of volunteers. He expressed his pleasure that CDPM is involved and promoting the volunteerism in the society. He also expressed his gratitude to the PRCS for their support to celebrate the International Volunteer Day at the CDPM, University of Peshawar.

Assistant Director, PRCS Mr. Ahmad Hussain thanked the CDPM faculty, volunteer ad students for the arrangement of such a program in a very short time. He said knowledge is power and this power can be better utilized if used for the welfare of the society. He said that services to the mankind is a part of worship to Allah. He told that around 35,000 volunteers are actively involved in servicing the humanity in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We should thank Allah for his countless blessing and the one for to thank him is to help others in hard times. At the end, Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan presented Shields and Certificates to the active volunteers of CDPM and PRC.

After the ceremony the volunteers and teachers of the Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management conducted a cleanliness campaign in Sheikh Taimur Academics, STC Building, Science Block, administration block and road two and college of home economics University of Peshawar. Besides collecting the garbage’s, they were holding banner with messages of cleanliness and its importance.