Seminar on Indo-Aryan Languages of Northern Pakistan: With Focus on Torwali Language

A Seminar wad held   at Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar on 11th February 2016.The theme of the seminar was “Indo-Aryan Languages of Northern Pakistan: With Focus on Torwali Language”. Mr. Inamullah, an internationally reputed linguist was key note speaker. Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam presided over the seminar. In his welcome address,  Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam said that creating awareness and conducting research  on Pakistani languages is one of the main objectives of Pakistan Study Centre.

 A large number of staff and students attended the event which was followed by questions answers session.  Mr. Inamullah explained the theme and said that in Pakistan, two main families of languages are spoken i.e. Indo-Iranian and Indo-Aryan. He said that Pashtu belongs to the Indo-Iranian family while most of the languages spoken in northern Pakistan are from Indo-Aryan origin. He gave many distinctive features of both families of languages. He also enlightened the audience about characteristics and script of Torwali language which is spoken in Behrain and Kalam valleys of Swat. He said that Torwali was almost diminished but he himself started work on compiling dictionary of the same language which has been recognized by UNESCO. He said, he is also working on relationship of Pashto with Torwali. Mr. Inamullah expressed his concern over dying of several languages in the World and in our part of the world. He said that the best way to preserve a language is to adopt it in every respect i.e. speaking, writing and the like.