M.Ed. Admission Notice for the Annual Examinations 2016

It is hereby notified for the information of all concerned that the following dates for Regular/Late University/Late College candidates of M.Ed have been fixed for the submission of Admission forms for the Annual Examination 2016.


Normal fee

 Up to 31-03-2016

Late Fee

Up to 11-04-2016

Double Fee

 Up to 21-04-2016

Triple Fee

Up to 02-05-2016

Regular (M.Ed)

Rs. 4000/-

Rs. 4100/-

Rs. 7600/-

Rs. 11200/-

One Paper

Rs. 1900/-

Rs. 2000/-

Rs. 3400/-

Rs. 5300/-

Two Papers

Rs. 2100/-

Rs. 2200/-

Rs .3800/-

Rs. 5900/-

Three Papers

Rs. 2400/-

Rs. 2500/-

Rs .4400/-

Rs. 6400/-

Practical Fee

Rs. 400/-

Thesis Fee Rs.3900/-  (Per student )


  1. Admission forms of Regular/Late University/College dully completed in all respects shall be sent by heads of the concerned Department/College/Institute along with covering letter and list of students concerned.
  2.  All affiliated colleges are required to submit admission approval letter from the Directorate of admissions along with a clearance certificate/NOC from Affiliation Section, University of Peshawar.
  3. Examination admission forms should be submitted along with a copy of B.Ed/B.A/B.Sc Degree & DMC. Those candidates, who got degrees other than University of Peshawar, are required to submit a verified copy of degree from their parent University along with Original Migration Certificate and also deposit Rs. 1650/- as registration fee along with admission fee.
  4. Admission forms shall be forwarded in accordance with the regulations i-e those whose, chances stand exhausted shall neither be recommended nor forwarded by the college/Institute concerned.
  5. Charging excess amount beyond the prescribed fee is a cognizable offence and if reported will lead to stern action like de-affiliation etc of the institute.
  6. Distance Education candidates should submit their forms through Director, Directorate of Distance Education, University o Peshawar.
  7. After the last date of submission of forms with triple fee, forms will be accepted with a fine of Rs.500/- for delay of every fifteen days or maximum of Rs.2000/- till two weeks prior to the commencement of examination, after which no admission form shall be accepted unless allowed by the competent authority.
  8. Incomplete forms shall not be entertained in any case and will be returned at the risk/cost of the candidates
  9. Claim of candidates to have sent admission form by post but not received at this office shall neither be considered valid nor be entertained but can be tackled/settled with postal service.
  10. Fee once deposited neither be refundable nor adjustable, if the candidate is otherwise eligible.
  11. All the Principals/Directors of all affiliated colleges are required to deposit Thesis/Practical fee along with examination admission fee.


                This is issued with the approval of the competent authority.