First Malaysian Scholar Completes PhD from University of Peshawar

Nasha Bin Rodziadi becomes the first Malaysian scholar to complete PhD in Archaeology from the University of Peshawar. The scholar was admitted in the PhD program under an agreement signed by the University Sains Malaysia and the University of Peshawar few years ago.

The topic of the scholar was about the detail study and analysis of inscription found in the Gandhara region for which the scholar collected material from all the museums in Pakistan.

Vice Chancellor UoP Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan conferred doctorate degree on the scholar in a ceremony held at the University of Peshawar. He on the occasion said that the doors of varsity were open to the international scholars and more students should get admission in the University to get quality education. He added that no doubt the intake of foreign students in the University has decreased owing to the prevailing situation but special exchange programs have been initiated with foreign Universities to overcome the issue.

The Vice Chancellor informed that Universiti Sains Malaysia was interested in more collaboration with Peshawar varsity in the fields of Disaster Management and Peace and Conflict Studies.

It is worthwhile that subsequent to getting degree from University of Peshawar Dr. Nasha Bin Rodziai has been offered the post of Assistant Professor in the Universiti Sains Malaysia and he has been designated as Ambassador of Academic exchange progra