Research on Solutions to the Housing Crisis for the 'Poor Majority' in Pakistan to be Conducted at UOP

"Ansaar Management Company (AMC), Pakistan's first socially driven private limited enterprise, providing quality affordable housing to the working class, has joined hands with the University of Peshawar through it's Chairman for the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Sir Syed Akhtar Ali Shah- to undertake research and provide solutions to the housing crisis for the 'poor majority' in Pakistan.

Over the past week AMC and the University of Peshawar have jointly signed an MOU and in partnership undertaken research relating to the functional design and appropriate pricing of housing suitable for the average working class family in Peshawar who currently resides in rented housing.

This week of research has culminated with a presentation from AMC by Miss Iram Nadeem, Business Development Associate, at the University of Peshawar, discussing the low-income housing crisis in Pakistan, it's issues and problems and AMC's solution- which AMC is now actively taking steps to address in Faisalabad, Peshawar and Lahore.

This public-private partnership between AMC and the University of Peshawar, relating to the housing sector, demonstrates how effective such partnerships can be in addressing the needs and issues we face today. For example, Pakistan currently has a shortage of around 10 million urban affordable homes and by putting the best expert and practitioner minds together we can come up with innovative, functional solutions that work on a practical level. In fact, it is only by working together, for the good of all that real change in Pakistan can come about. We strongly feel, this is the first foot forward on the path to change in the affordable housing sector and we look forward to many more successful ventures together."