Role of Varsities Termed Integral in Promoting Inter Faith Harmony and Peace

Delegates at the international moot on inter faith harmony and tolerance have termed the role of higher education institutions as imperative in achieving peace and making the world a better place to live. The International conference arranged at the baragali summer campus of the University of Peshawar was attended by 300 delegates comprising University teachers and scholars from within the country and abroad. The intellectuals belonging to different religious communities discussed the importance of tolerance in the public and political spheres.  The three day event entitled, `` Inter faith Harmony- Principles of disagreement in Islam``, was arranged by the Department of Islamic Studies University of Peshawar in collaboration with Iqbal institute for research and dialogue.

Vice Chancellor UoP Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan was the chief guest of the inaugural session. Vice Chancellor International Islamic University Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai was the key note speaker of the inaugural day. Former Vice Chancellor UoP Prof. Dr. Qibla Ayaz was also among the speakers on the occasion.

The delegates in the moot also underlined the need for reducing the gap between religious institution and their scholars to reduce mutual differences and promote a culture of respecting each other thoughts through positive dialogue.

Islam is a religion of peace which not only preaches love among humans, but also expects the same treatment to be extended to all living beings, said Vice Chancellor UoP Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan in his address. He added that intolerance shall not be allowed to thrive and we should teach our children lessons of peace and acceptance of diversity in the way we think, the way we live as well as in the way we practice our different religion.

 Dr. Jan appreciated the efforts of the organizers and participants for taking part in the interfaith discourse, and said that varsity teachers should play their part in curbing religious intolerance in the country so as to arrest terrorism right at source.

Dr. Masoom Yasinzai in his address said that if we understand Quran and the essence of teachings of Islam, the mutual differences would automatically get vanished. He added that by doing so the real image of Islam would be unveiled to the whole world and many misperceptions would be curbed.

Dean faculty of Islamic and Oriental Studies UoP Prof. Dr. Miaj ul Islam Zia who was the Organizer of the Workshop in his welcome remarks said that it’s a dilemma that today we recite quran but donot follow its teachings. He added that the differences among different sects are self-presumed and does not carry any weightage.