Scholars urge society to tackle radicalization at multiple fronts; A Three day conference on Peace building for Tolerance starts at UoP

(Peshawar): A three day conference entitled as “peace building through tolerance’ has started at Institute of Peace and Conflict studies, University of Peshawar through support of  United Nations Development  Fund on Tuesday. 

Dean faculty of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Syed Minhaj ul Hassan was the guest of honor at the inaugural session. The Dean lauded the efforts of IPCS in addressing the research based tools for   peace building initiatives.

Director, IPCS Dr. Jamil Ahmad Chitrali delivering welcome address mentioned that the basis aim of the conference is to develop a research tools for tolerance through focus group discussions during the conference. The research tools for tolerance will be later on tested by Institute on selected districts of the KhyberPakhtunkhwa. The Director pinpoints that no lasting peace could be develop in the society unless and until the universities have been given a lead role in policy making through research based culture.

The presenter, Dr. Imran Ali attributed the Sufism aspect of Islam to be a major factor in promoting tolerance and equality in the society. He called upon the participants to share the similarities and celebrate the differences among the community to permeate harmony.

Dr. Zafar Khan while speaking, lamented the fact that due to political engineering of Pashtun’s as a society; Pashtuns have not been evolved in respect of time and space .He appreciated the KhyberPakhtunkhwa Home department initiatives in tackling radicalization through prison reforms.

Mr. Rameez Ahmad Sheikh, call upon the audience to strengthen peace building initiatives through helping United Nation agencies and local NGOs.

Shagufta Hayat, executive Director PEAD Foundation lauded the efforts of KhyberPakhtunkhwa Text board in reviewing the curriculum at the primary level.

Prof. Dr.Hussain Shaheed Suhawardi, chairman International relations department at University of Peshawar, while chairing  the afternoon session, underscore the need of tackling radicalization in the society though multiple fronts at the academic, societal and institutional basis. He applauded Armed forces contribution at peace building initiatives through “Policy framework ‘ and other initiatives.

A young scholar, Muhammad Adil Saleem, correlated the economic well being of the society with considerable level of tolerance. He urged that talent, technology and tolerance can together work well for  an economy.

The presenters and scholars will join head together through focus group discussion in the coming two days in forging a tool for tolerance for researchers to work upon.


Ali Imran
Media Officer,
University of Peshawar