Academic and exchange programs will be fostered to mature Russia-Pakistan relationship

Peshawar: Academic and exchange programs will be fostered to extend the strength of Russia and Pakistan relationships and new avenues will be search for cooperation between the two countries in educational, cultural and scientific fields. The statement was given by the Russian Consul general in Karachi Andrew G.Fesyun during his visit to University of Peshawar on Thursday.

The Consul general and Director Russian Centre for Science and Culture Andrew Fesyun said that Pakistan should not expect economic cooperation like China from Russian federation but his country is standing with Pakistan to take it progressively forward. He urged the participants to understand challenges ahead of Russia in to euro-asian regions due to American influence as Russian is facing entirely a new diplomatic front to counter American hegemony. He reiterated that his country is out of Cold War thinking and building new bridges in a free and liberal world with nations across the globe.

The Consul general appreciated the suggestion of Russia chair at the centre from the Director Prof. Shabbir Ahmad and vowed to support the proposal to higher authorities in Moscow.

Meanwhile, in a separate sitting with University of Peshawar students he announced the Russian federation scholarships program for the students and scholars to commence from February early next year. He hoped that scholarships vetted through NTS test and HEC verified documents will give Pakistani students to unleash their talent and cement both countries cooperation. He shared the link with the students and rcspk on facebook for further information on scholarships.

Earlier, Director Area Study centre Prof. Shabbir Ahmad said that his centre is looking forward to enroll two scholars from Russian federation soon in Pashto language program to start a new phase for area study centre. He said that centre since its inception in 1978 has produced 83 Phds and 29 Mphil dissertations. He further proposed that establishing Pakistan Chair and Russia chair reciprocally at both countries will boost ties between two countries. He said that key to stabilizing Afghanistan is enduring Pakistan-Russia active cooperation in the region and will be mustered with such activities.

Honorary Russian  consul at Peshawar Arsala khan while talking during the visit said that relationships will be strengthened through constant trade partnerships and exchanges. He said that recent foot ball world cup in Russia has generated a big understanding between the two countries fans especially for young Pakistani fans.

Earlier at arrival, Russian Consul general  was given a detailed briefing about the different sections of the centre .