BS Commerce and M.Com Two-Year Mid-Term Examinations Date-sheet

Exam Hall Time
Mon Tues Thur Fri Mon. Tues.
  29/04/2019 30/04/2019 02/05/2019 03/05/2019 04/05/2019 07/05/2019
BS 2nd
R.1&2 9:00AM
(Ilyas sb)
Principles of Financial A/c
(Farrukh sb)
Micro Economics
(Dost Muhammad sb)
Communication in Commerce
(G. Farooq Sb)
Quantitative Techniques in Commerce
(Rahman Ali sb)
Management Information Systems in Commerce
BS 4th
R.2   11:00 AM
(Ms Munazza)
Economy of Pakistan
(Farrukh Sb)
Financial Management
(Dost Muhammad sb)
Statistics for Commerce
(Jamal Sb)
Principles of Marketing
(Abbas sb)
Human Behaviour
BS 6th
R. 3 9:00AM
(Dost sb)
Compsation Mgt,
Branding and Cultural
Profit Planning and Cost,
International HRM,
Marketing Research
Capital Markets and FIP,
Cross Cultural WE,
Seminar in Mkg
(Ilyas + Abbas)
Accounting IS,
Organizational Theory

(Hamid sb)
BS 8th
R.5 9:00AM
(Dr.  Aqsa) Leadership (Auragzeb+Munazza+Jamal)
Accounting for SC,
Compsation Mgt,
Branding and Cultural
Investment Management,
International HRM,
Marketing Research
Accounting Theory,
Cross Cultural WE
Seminar in Mkg
(Abbas Sb)
Organizational Theory
M.Com 4th
R.4 & 5 9:00AM
(Yorid sb)
Project Mgt
Accounting for Mergers
Strategic Financial Mgt
Change Mgt
Profit Planning and Cost
Investments Mgt
International HRM
Advanced A/c Theory
Capital Markets and FIP
Total Quality Mgt
(Abbas sb)
Islamic Inunctions about Business