Russian scholar gives a talk at Area Study Centre

Peshawar: Mr. Leonid Savin, a Russian geo-strategist and expert on Hybrid Warfare visited Area Study Centre for Russia, China and Central Asia, University of Peshawar on Wednesday  for a talk on the prospects of Pak-Russia bilateral relations.

Mr. Leonid Savin informed that he is currently writing a book on Pakistan and therefore collecting data and observing ground realities in Pakistan during his visit. He said that track-II diplomacy plays an important role in making ground for sustainable enhanced relations and therefore visits of intelligentsia and academicians from think tanks, businessmen, media and cultural exchanges are imperative. However, there is huge potential for exchanging trade, particularly the fruits and vegetables which Russian imports from as far as America can be imported from Pakistan. Energy is the area where both the countries can cooperate and Pakistan can benefit from the Russian technology and experience in the energy field. On Afghanistan, he said that Russia provided a platform to the Taliban and Afghan government to talk. Russia considers that Afghan Taliban has an important role in bringing stability to Afghanistan. Peace and stability in Afghanistan is crucial for the peace and development in Central and South Asia. He opined that ‘SCO’ can play a vital role in maintaining peace in Afghanistan through integration and development. He also agreed that Pak-Russia relations shall be independent from any third country pressure. He also mentioned that India is creating problems for hampering the regional integration.

Earlier, Prof. Dr. Shabir Ahmad Khan, Director Area Study Centre, University of Peshawar welcomed the distinguished guest and presented a brief introduction on the Area Study Centre and its academic activities. The Director Area Study Centre said that the Centre has hosted scholars from Moscow, Russia in 2007 and will enhance scholar exchange programs under the ‘MoUs’ signed with the Russian institutions, He emphasized on the exchange of research material also. The Director said that Pakistan for the first time in its history reversed the Frontier Policy which it inherited form Britain and Russia across the Amu River is a Strategic partner now. The visit of Russian President to Pakistan will be milestone in deepening the collaboration between Pakistan and Russia and both the countries need to work on its realization, he said.