Kyrgyzstan offers Pakistan gateway to European markets through railway links

Peshawar: His Excellency the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Erik Beishembieve visited on 12th June, 2019  Area Study Centre (Russia, China & Central Asia). He was received by Prof. Dr. Shabir Ahmad Khan, Director Area Study Centre, and University of Peshawar. The Ambassador was shown various section of the Centre including main Auditorium, Library, Languages Lab, Scholars Lodge and intellectual contribution to the studies of Central Asia. The worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif also graced the occasion.

His Excellency addressed the scholars of Area Study Centre and Academia of the University of Peshawar and highlighted the regional developments.

The Honorable Vice Chancellor, later on, also proposed active cooperation between the government of Kyrgyzstan and University of Peshawar regarding the establishment of a sub campus of university of Peshawar in Bishkek. He added that the Centre would be a source of sharing expertise in the field of pharmacy, Bio technology, Chemical Sciences and Geology.

His Excellency the Ambassador in his speech stressed on the historical bonds of relationship between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. He emphasized on the dire need of promotion of relations between the two countries in terms of education, culture, trade, connectivity and industries. He pointed out the importance of quadrilateral transit trade as mentioned above and informed the house that whatever obstacles faced by the both the parties, are going to be removed very soon.

His Excellency informed the house about the close geographical proximity between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan, as Islamabad and Bishkek are one and a half hour away from each other. He also highlighted the need for close cooperation between the two countries especially in the field of Pharmaceuticals. He stressed on the common bond as Islam between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan and the countries like Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia, can bring them all close to each other.

The Director Area Study Centre briefed his Excellency about the functions and objectives of the establishment of Area Study Centre and Pak-Kyrgyz relations. The Director highlighted the central place of Central Asia in the region as the hub of natural resources. He specifically highlighted Kyrgyzstan’s potential of huge hydro electricity generation and gold reserves. He emphasized that 85% water resources of Central Asia is located in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. He appreciated Kyrgyzstan’s export of electricity to Xinjiang since 1992. Moreover, he focused on the importance of Central Asia including Kyrgyzstan in terms of CPEC and specifically Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan as signatory to the quadrilateral transit trade agreement of 1995. The honorable Director hoped that a close liaison will be established between Kyrgyz Centre of strategic research and Area Study Centre through exchange of Scholars and research material by signing MoU.