Admission to M.Ed Annual Examination 2020 Notification

In continuation of this office notification No.115/CE/Exams:  dated 10/03/2019, it is re-notified for the information of all Regular/Late College/ Late University/Distance Education students appearing in M.Ed Examination-2020 ( to submit the Examination Admission Forms for the forthcoming M.Ed Annual Examination 2020, to the Examination Section through their respective Principals/Directors as per following schedule/fee structure.


M.Ed Examination-2020 Normal fee

Up to


Double Fee

Up to


Triple Fee

Up to


Full Papers

  Rs. 4400/-

Rs. 8350/-

 Rs. 12300/-

Single Paper

  Rs. 2200/-

Rs. 3950/-

Rs. 5700/-

Two Papers

  Rs. 2500/-

Rs. 4550/-

Rs. 6600/-

Three Papers

  Rs. 2700/-

Rs. 4950/-

Rs. 7200/-

Practical Fee

Rs. 450/-


Thesis/Reports along-with award lists shall be submitted to the Controller of Examinations within six months from the last paper day of the Theory Examination with the following fee structure failing which the result shall be declared as Re-Thesis and the candidates shall not be considered for merit positions.

Within four months normal fee

After four months but before Six months double fee

Thesis Fee

Rs. 4300/-per Thesis



  1. In wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Examination Section will entertain only those cases which are submitted by post. As the University of Peshawar is closed, students/ visitors should avoid visiting the office.
  2. Prescribed fee shall be deposited in any branch of Faysal Bank as per following details:-
    • Account Title: Examination Fee University of Peshawar
      Account No. 0250-145-0000009
  3. The affiliated colleges are required to submit admission approval letter from the Directorate of admissions along with a clearance certificate/NOC from the Affiliation Section, University of Peshawar.
  4. Examination admission forms should be submitted along with a copy of B.Ed/B.A/B.Sc Degree or DMC. Those candidates, who got degrees from Institutions other than University of Peshawar, are required to submit verified copies of the requisite degrees/DMCs from their parent Institutions along with Original Migration Certificate (s) and also receipts of Rs. 1800/- each as registration fee along with admission fee.
  5. After the last date of submission of forms with triple fee, forms will be accepted with a fine of Rs. 500/- for delay of every 15 days or a maximum of Rs.2000/- till two weeks prior to the commencement of the examination.
  6. Admission forms shall be forwarded in accordance with the regulations.
  7. Incomplete forms shall not be entertained.
  8. Fee once deposited shall neither be refundable nor adjustable, if the candidate is otherwise eligible.