Admission Notice: Special Courses of English Conversation, IELTS, Professional Communication, Essay Writing and Grammar & Vocabulary

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Supported Open Learning Centre, Department of English and Applied Linguistics has designed special courses taught by British Council trained teachers to meet the participants’ communicative needs, focusing on personal and professional development. 

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1. English Conversation Classes

Expressive and Presentation Skills (3 Months)


             Academic and General (1 Month)
             Minimum 10 Students           

3. Professional Communication Course

Official Correspondence, Negotiation and Presentation Skills (1 Month)
Minimum 10 Students 

4. Essay Writing & Composition

For Competitive Exams (1 Month)
Minimum 10 Students 

5. Grammar & Vocabulary

Functional Grammar and Vocabulary Techniques (1 Month)



Last date of registration: March 01, 2022
Test date: March 03, 2022
Commencement of Classes: March 14, 2022
Phone#: 091-5611407