Provost Office

Office Responsibilities

1. Administration of Hostels

The main function of the provost office is the administration of the hostels of University of Peshawar.There are following 13 hostels in university of Peshawar accommodating more than 4500 male and female students of different departments/centres/colleges.

Five Girls Hostels

  1. Old Tribal Girls Hostel (Capacity= 240)
  2. Fatima Jinnah Girls Hostel  (Capacity= 431)
  3. Benazir Girls Hostel (Capacity= 312)
  4. Tatara Girls Hostel (Capacity= 356)
  5. New Tribal Girls Hostel (Capacity= 440)

Eight Boys Hostels

  1. Khushal Khan Khattak Hostel No.1 (Capacity= 390)
  2. Rehman baba Hostel No.2 (Capacity= 388)
  3. Alama Iqbal Hostel No.9 (Capacity= 338)
  4. Dr.Abdul Qadeer Hostel Block D (Capacity= 313)
  5. Engr.Saadat Mand Hostel Block.C (Capacity= 192)
  6. Prof Pareshan Khattak Hostel Block .A  (Capacity= 438)
  7. Abdul Ali Khan Hostel Block.B (Capacity= 438)
  8. Quaid E Azam International Hall (Capacity= 48)

2. Administration Of Tent Hostels

The Provost office facilitates accommodation of class-III & class-IV employees at the Tent Hostel having seventeen rooms.

3. Administration of STC Hostel

The Provost office is also administering the allotment and other activities of faculty hostel of university of Peshawar called STC Hostel. 46 faculty members have been provided accommodation thereat.

4. University Disciplinary Committee.

The cases related to discipline are reported to the Provost as a secretary of the UDC and the meetings and other proceedings of the Committee are initiated by the Provost.

5. University Ration Store

University Ration Store at Allama Iqbal run at Hostel No.9 is supervised by the provost office which supplies Dry ration the official mess of Hostels.

6. Student Societies

There are following 13 different student societies working under the Deputy Director Student Societies and administered by the Provost.

  1. Adventure/Hiking Club
  2. Blood Donors’ Society
  3. Creative Arts Society
  4. Cultural & Dramatic Society
  5. Khyber Islamic Cultural Society
  6. Khyber literary Club
  7. Photo-Video Club
  8. Science Society
  9. Social welfare & Awareness Society
  10. Sports Society
  11. International Students’ Society
  12. Young’s Women Club
  13. Students Movement for Green Campus

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7. Students/Employees I.D.Cards Preperation

Provost Office prepare I.D Cards for the students of all Departments/Institutes/Centres/Colleges/Schools and employees of University of Peshawar.

8. Maintenance of Law and order

The Provost office is also coordinating with The Campus police and Director Administration in maintaining and law and order situation with in the University hostels.

9. Quick Response Unit (QRU)

A selected team of bearers have been entrusted duties as Quick Response Unit, who help the hostel administration in maintaining law & order situation.

10. Supervision of Hostel generators

There are 14 heavy generators working in all hostels of University of Peshawar providing electricity to all hostels during load shedding. Provision of Fuel and other supervision of these generators are being managed by the provost office.

11. Team of Technical staff (Bearers)

Team of technical bearers including carpenter, painter, plumber and electrician is working under the sub Engineer of Provost office.