Student Societies

Director's Message

For the overall development, one must be good at not only in academics but also in sports, cultural activities, mannerism and above all ethics of life. We believe that a true education occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. In Student Societies we strive to ensure a positive educational and co-curricular experience for all students by concentrating on the out-of-class experience and support of our students. Our aim is to build a cohesive and resilient society, deepening the sense of national identity and affinity through promoting arts and heritage, youth engagement, sports development, volunteerism and philanthropy. High academic excellence coupled with moral rectitude, intellectual integrity, sound aesthetic sense etc, is the essence of student societies. Student Societies are here to provide events and activities, and foster experiences that serve to complement your academic experience socially, culturally and emotionally. Our mission is simple, and objective is clear…For every student of Peshawar University to be better and brighter than they were when they arrived by putting students at the center of all we do with the goal of helping students reach their potential.