Treasurer Office

The Treasurer performs an important role in relation to the finances of the University. The Office of the Treasurer has the primary responsibility for management of the university’s financial assets and liabilities. The Treasurer also oversees and presents budget and ensures that proper financial systems and controls are in place.

The Treasury-wing consists of these main offices:

  1. The Accounts Section:     The Accounts Section processes and arranges payments and re-imbursement as per budget provision. It provides data for preparation of budget. This office also handles the students’ related issues like disbursement of scholarships, payments on account of cancellation of admission and other refunds.
  2. The Pension and Funds Section:          This Section deals with processing of monthly pension commutation and restoration of pension cases. It also deals with GP Fund advances & final payment of GP Fund. In addition to that investments and its record & re-imbursement is manages through Pension and Funds Section.
  3. The Store Purchase Section:      The Store Purchase Section arranges goods and services for Administrative and Academic Units as well as residential area. Maintenance and repair of equipment is also carried out though Store Purchase Section.
  4. The Budget Compilation and Verification Section:  This Section compiles data and prepares budget estimates, maintains ledgers and assists the Finance & Planning Committee in budget review and other proposals involving finance. It also manages cash flow and verifies the various types of fees deposited in University bank(s) accounts.