The Bara Gali Campus


Reservation Procedure:

This procedure is applicable in the following three areas:

  1. Seminars/ Conference/ Workshop/ Symposium
  2. Family Accommodation
  3. Summer School and Study/Excursion  Tours


  1. Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Symposium
  • Before the start of the season, preferably in January, the Camp Coordinator Office circulates a requisition notification to all Heads of Departments/ Institutes/ Centers/ Constituent Colleges/ Schools of the University of Peshawar and outside organizations as well.
  • Every department/ organization is entitled to reserve a time-slot for their event; however, preference is given to the events organized by University of Peshawar.  
  • Every organization is required to submit its requisition on prescribed form downloadable from ( alongwith an Advance / Security Deposit of Rs.50,000/- within due period of time.
  • The requisitions of organization within and outside the university after due dates are also entertained subject to the availability of desired time-slot.
  • The Camp Coordinator Office accord formal approval on Note sheet for all the seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ symposium from the Vice Chancellor.


  1. Family Accommodation:
  • Families of the employees of the University of Peshawar are also provided accommodation for a short span of 07 days (at the maximum) during summer vacations.
  • An employee’s family means parents, spouse and children. Other relatives and friends are treated as  ‘outsiders’.
  • Both existing as well as retired employees of the university are entitled for reservation of a time-slot.
  • If a space has not been occupied by any UoP employee, it is then offered to outsiders provided a UoP employee acts as a Guarantor.
  • Before the start of the season, preferably in March, the Camp Coordinator Office circulates a requisition notification within the University for reservation.
  • Interested university employees  submit their requisitions on prescribed form (downloadable from for a particular time-slot, along with a copy of his/her CNIC, service certificate and advance payment/ security deposit of PKR.5000/-.
  • The Camp Coordinator Office prepares a merit list of all time-slots with respect to bank receipt number. However, preference is given to university employees. The merit list is displayed on official website of the university.
  • The concerned house allotment committee of Bara Gali is authorized for allotment of a particular accommodation. 
  • The Camp Coordinator  Office also displays allotment list on the Notice Board. 
  • A confirmation letter regarding a particular accommodation is issued to the concerned employee/ outsider before 04-07 days of his/ her desired arrival date via email/whatsapp or as convenient.
  • The concerned employee/outsider produces the same letter before the Camp Coordinator/ In charge at arrival.
  • The Camp Incharge record details of concerned allottee at Guests’ attendance register and allot the accommodation.
  • In case of subletting/ fake reservation, the Camp Coordinator is authorized to cancel the allotment or allot the accommodation on triple charges as a penalty.
  • After stay, the concerned employee/ outsider allottee is required to clear / deposit the total/net payment with the Accounts / Dealing Assistant Baragali in cash mode/ cheque while an official receipt voucher is issued.
  • Those who fail to apply in due period of time, are placed on waiting list.
  • Telephonic request or requisitions at arrival for reservation/ allotment will not be entertained.


  1. Summer Schools and Study/Excursion Tours:
  • Summer Schools are usually allowed before June 15 or after August 31st.
  • Study tours are usually allowed after September 15 till March.
  • The organizers of the study tours are required to seek prior permission from the Vice Chancellor.


Reservation Slots for Family Accommodation for Summer Season 2021

Arrival Departure Arrival Departure Arrival Departure




Note: Schedule will be uploaded once the booking process is complete