Cell for FATA Studies(CFS)

Cell for FATA Studies (CFS) is a research center for the study of FATA as a region, its dynamics, issues and problems, and reforms. Analyzing state of affairs in Pakistan tribal areas, Cell for FATA Studies (CFS) aims at highlighting the ongoing crises, and insufficient mechanisms for resolving the menace of extremism and militancy, training officials for dealing problems of the region and giving an insight into its indigenous culture and traditions for a planned and thoughtful orientation and reformation of the region. It also focuses on economic disparity, social backwardness and educational deprivation of the region. Though, a border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan, FATA’s geo-strategic location demands uplift schemes, political and economic analysis and hence betterment of the region for the present and future of border areas in particular and Pakistan in general. We, at the CFS, believe that FATA has become a center of foreign terrorists due to negligence of its importance. We think FATA can be restored to civilization by correcting the past mistakes. Thus, CFS is a think tank working for the restoration of tribal glory and its development so that it may come into the main stream of progress and prosperity in line with other developed parts of the world.