Cell for FATA Studies(CFS)

Main objective of the creation of the Cell for FATA Studies (CFS) is to develop indigenous policy, based on research and enhance technical capacity of the FATA-developing organizations like FATA secretariat, within the dynamic context of governance, peace, and development. We at the CFS anticipate that creation of such institute will heighten the level of training and education from the operational to the strategic level and will broaden the scope to policy formulation process, capacity, and training, policy implementation within the context of post conflict development, peace, and security. This institute is providing exceptional training at strategic and philosophical standard of governance, peace, and security for the civil and military officials from the concerned departments as well as liaison with international organizations and NGOs vis-à-vis FATA issues.

The CFS will also provide its members, journalists, academicians, students, religious scholars and international audience, the insight for better understanding of tribal problems, culture, traditions, politics, geography, people and government policies towards them.