Cell for FATA Studies(CFS)

Objectives of the CFS

  1. To facilitate in the transition from crises to hope
  2. Identifying indigenous governance problems in the tribal areas and their solutions    
  3. Bridging the gap between the federation and tribal people by greater understanding and transparent implementation of policies
  4. To formulate policies and give recommendations for good governance, economic development, human rights, and peace
  5. To research on the causes of militancy, extremism and terrorism; and proposing solutions in a visionary futuristic approach
  6. Training and assisting the local people, with the development and implementation of projects that support and enhance tribal governing capabilities
  7. Constructing pragmatic political and strategic recommendations to the federal government
  8. Highlight the role of social service providers to serve and protect needy and vulnerable children, families, and adults in ways that encourage personal responsibility
  9. Highlight the role of tribal institutions combined with a focus on short and long-term programs of civic education in order to help tribal people realize their goals of creating more effective and legitimate laws of the land
  10. Promoting independent research by the scholars through publishing and writings in newspapers
  11. Publishing of FATA Journal that will include all research carried out on variety of topics