Centre for IT Services

Mammoth development in Information Technology is changing the way, we think and live. We can’t imagine a life without using Information Technology. Information Technology is an increasingly vital element of the learning, teaching, research, and business in higher education today. Information Technology can increase professional development activities, enhance students, faculty and staff experience, simplify communication and collaboration, add positive effects on the instructional process, empower our daily lives, and inspire us to innovation.

In this sense, the role of Centre for Information Technology Services (CITS) at University of Peshawar (UoP) is vibrant; it is the basis for development and conducting the work at all sections and departments of the university.

At UoP, We have witnessed a marvelous growth in the use of Information Technology across all activities in the daily work over the past decade. Information Technology permeates every aspect of our academic and operational environments, beginning with the first contact a student has with a university Website, to the administrative and learning systems that become part of the student daily life.

 It is also true that these new and increasingly complex technologies have the potential to create disruption, duplication, and disappointment due to lack of careful planning and coordination. Fortunately, at UoP, we have a good history of campus collaboration in developing technology plans. Prioritization and coordination of technology planning and implementation will ensure that UoP students, faculty, and staff have the combination of skills, knowledge, and technology to thrive in a technology.

Finally, We the CITS appreciate the opportunity to serve the University, and we’re committed to providing them with excellent service, and all useful ideas and suggestions are always welcome.