Department of Art and Design

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The Department of Art and Design, University of Peshawar, the first professional institute of Visual Arts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, was established as a two years certificate course in 1964 with a view to imparting and promoting art education and with the future planning to raise its standard to the degree level. In 1980 & 1982, the department was upgraded to the level of BFA(Bachelor of Fine Arts) & MFA (Master of Fine Arts) respectively. Department is currently offering Bachelor's of Art and Design (Honors) Degree in three Major subjects:

  1. Bachelor's in Art and Design (FineArts)
  2. Bachelor's in Art and Design (Textile Design) 
  3. Bachelor's in Art and Design (Communication Design) 

All the courses have been designed in accordance with the HEC Academic Policies and for current job market available in various fields related to Art such as Textile Industry, advertising industry etc., for becoming Professional Artists and Designers. The courses also lay emphasis on the search for focus individual and aesthetic solutions to given problems in the form of projects, work-shops and lectures. Computer Graphics are an integral part of the course. The works of the students are put on display at the end of every academic year for evaluation. All assignments/projects are research oriented and emphasis is given to creativity and problem solving strategies.


  • To provide modern facilities of education to the students on the premises and to boost up their educational level by holding workshops, exhibitions and seminars time to time. 
  • To enable the students not only in technical skills of media, materials, methods, techniques and processes, but also to develop concepts, value of research, and to mature their creative imagination and skills to be able to communicate and apply the knowledge of art in practical situations. 


  • To make this Department one of the best Art institute of the Province.
  • To enhance the quality of education and teachings.
  • To ensure the contribution of the Department in the Sustainable Development and Goals.