Department of Art and Design


1) Teaching Timetable 2017-18

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2) Admission Form (BA&D-II, III, IV)

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All concerned students of Bachelor of Art and Design (Year II, III, and IV) are directed to directed to obtain Admission Form or download from (,%20III,%20IV).pdf) and submit the same on or before October 20, 2017 positively, alongwith:

  1. Attested Photocopy of the last DMC 
  2. One Photograph duly attested
  3. Bank Receipt of 27,100/- (Original) 

Faisal Bank, University Campus Branch, Peshawar

Account No. 2050-1450000403

Incomplete Forms will not be accepted.



Department of Art and Design

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3) BA&D (Part III) Result (23-10-2017)

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BA&D (Part IV) Result (23-10-2017)

4) COP Certificate and Diploma

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Certificate and Short-term Diploma programme aims to impart fundamental skills and knowledge in the creative arts and design. It emphasizes the development of basic understanding of terminologies and jargons of the discipline which will enable students to get acquaintance with to appreciate artworks and design. Students will be engaged with a variety of media, tools, material and fundamental techniques in arts, crafts and design so they could be able to get familiarity with the standards and professional assets.
Class Style and Methodology
a. Method: Students will be instructed in Workshop Style (Demonstration & Individual Guidance).
b. Resource: Handouts will be provided for discussion.
c. Additional Resources: Student will purchase a range of material required for course or interest.


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