Department of Electronics

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Our life’s demands in the ever growing and fast changing electronic and technological world necessitated preparation of the graduates of the highest caliber equipping them for leadership roles in the specialized discipline of electronics. The age of I.T has put the Electronic on the to be pin technological skills. The need was rightly felt by the top leadership of the University. This all pervasive thought bore fruit resulting in the establishment of the post-graduate department of Electronics in 1988. The department takes pride with profound satisfaction in producing 750 graduates so far. Housed in a spacious building located in the series of mid 20th century’s tall buildings of the science faculty, the department is equipped with modern electronics laboratories, well stocked library and enlightened faculty.

The passed out graduates are successfully serving various electronic-based I.T. business and research organizations in and outside the country. With a professional tinge, the degree proves as a lucrative income source for the electronics graduates and providing job security.


To be a regional Centre of excellence in Electronics “Area of high Tech Industry”


To make the centre vision a reality. The Department is committed to the training of graduates of international standards at B.Sc, M.Sc and M.S/M.Phil. levels in the area of Electronics including Nano-Technology, Micro, Consumer, Medical, Communication, Defense and Industrial Electronics. Conduction quality basic and applied teaching and research, offering consultancy ot local industries and institutions andto participate in community Development projects.


  • Teaching, Research and Development in S & T.