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BS in Electronics

Subject Name: Control Systems (ELECT 563)
Teacher Name: Dr Sadiq Akbar
Semester/ Year: 6th

Chapter 3 Sections 3.1 to 3.6,

Subject Name: Microwave Communication (ELECT 683)
Teacher Name: Dr. Sana Ul Haq
Semester/ Year: 7th

Lecture schedules from the book,

M.Sc. in Electronics

Subject Name: Computer Networking
Teacher Name: Dr. Muhammad Asif
Semester/ Year: Previous

Lect 1, Lect 2, Lect 3, Lect 4, Lect 5, Lect 6, Lect 7, Lect 8, Lect 9, Lect 10, Lect 11, Lect 12, Lect 13, Lect 14, Lect 15, Lect 16,

Subject Name: Electromagnetic Theory
Teacher Name: Dr. Anwar Khan
Semester/ Year: Previous

Pdf file of the book, Lecture schedules,

Subject Name: Electronic Communications
Teacher Name: Mr. Adeel Ahmad
Semester/ Year: Final

Lecture 1(remaining), Lecture2(remaining), Lecture 3(remaining), Lecture 4(remaining), Lecture 5(remaining), Lecture 6(remaining), Lecture 7(remaining), Lecture 8(remianing), Lecture 9(remaining), Lecture 10(remaining),

Subject Name: Control Systems
Teacher Name: Dr Sadiq Akbar
Semester/ Year: Final

Chapter 8 Sections 8.1 to 8.9,

MS in Electronics

Ph.D. in Electronics