Department of Library and Information Science

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The dawn of independence opened a new era for Library and Information Science education in Pakistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the land of brave people could not gain any amenity from the British rulers in pre-partition era, but soon after the independence, University of Peshawar was established; Central library, University of Peshawar was inaugurated in 1951.

Academic faculties and libraries needed trained library scientists. who could manage and establish the departmental libraries. For this purpose Department of Library and Information Science was established in 1962. It initially started postgraduate diploma course (DLIS), on part time basis. In spite of lack of funds, teaching faculty, building, etc, the Master's Degree programme in Library and Information Sciences was started in 1983-84. Since its inception, the department has produced more than 2000 library and information science graduates, serving at National and International level. The department is located on the 3rd floor in the new constructed building of Sheikh Muhammad Taimur Academic Block at slot 13 (East Wing).


To prepare library professionals by providing professional education and preparing them to meet the challenges of Information Technology..


To provide quality education in the field of Library and Information Science by utilizing all electronic and non- electronic means.


  • To produce trained library professionals for playing dynamic role in the improvement of library education.
  • To develop the concept of Library and Information Sciences in students as well as in community.
  • To develop skills in students relating to solution of the problems encountered in libraries and information centres.
  • To create awareness in students about documents and its management.
  • To form a group of library scientists to play an effective role in the dissemination of information.


The programme is expected to:

  • Create a trained group of Library & Information Scientists which would play a dynamic role in the Acquisition, Organization & Dissemination of Information.
  • Develop skilled Human Resources which will be able to provide right information to right person at right time.