Department of Sociology

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BS in Sociology

Subject Name: Psychology
Teacher Name: Ms. Sidra
Semester/ Year: 2nd

Introduction, Sensation and Perception, Learning, Memory, Intelligence, Motivation and Emotions, Personality,

Subject Name: English-II
Teacher Name: Mr. Jehangir
Semester/ Year: 2nd


Subject Name: Pakistan Studies
Teacher Name: Ms. Tabbasum Gul
Semester/ Year: 2nd

People and Land, Government and Politics in Pakistan, Contemporary Social and Political Issues in Pakistan,

Subject Name: Introduction to Social Work
Teacher Name: Dr. Imran Ahmad Sajid
Semester/ Year: 2nd

Introduction and Principles of Social Work, Goals and Objectives, Social Welfare, Charity and Philanthropy, Islamic Concept of Welfare, School Social Work, Medical Social Work, Social Work with Drug Addicts, Concept of Social Welfare, Principles of Social Work, Social Work as a Profession, Social Work Methods,

Subject Name: English-IV
Teacher Name: Mr. Jehangir
Semester/ Year: 4th

English IV,

Subject Name: Quantitative Research Methods
Teacher Name: Dr. Syed Owais
Semester/ Year: 5th

Introduction, Research Proposal, Literature Review, Operationalisation, Sampling, Reliability @ validity, Survey Research, Schedule, Survey Continued..., Survey Conti..., Survey,

MA in Sociology

M.Phil. in Sociology

Ph.D. in Sociology