Institute of Management Studies

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The University of Peshawar decided to merge the Department of Public and Department of Business Administration in order to have greater synergy into a single entity in 1994. Thus, the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) was formally established in 1995. During the short span of time, IMS developed its own niche in a highly competitive market and established its own reputation among the students, academia, and professional’s community. Initially, IMS started Master Programs in Public Administration & Business Administration. However, due to the overwhelming interest and growing demands, the IMS started its Under-Graduate Programs of BBA (Hons). IMS also, offers MBA (18 Months, 36 Credit Hours) program for its BBA (Hons) graduates beside its two year Master Programs in Public & Business Administration. However, two new programmes are also approved, by the academic council, University of Peshawar for IMS, i.e. Master of Business Studies (MBS, 18 Months, 36 Credit Hours) program for the graduates of MPA, M.Com and M.Sc. Economics with Four years hons degree in Economics and Second Specialization Certificate/ training program to cater the needs of the professionals working in the public and private sector. The course is designed on an interactive and participative pedagogical methodology involving an extensive use of seminars, workshops and case method. The Research & Development Division is another major component of the IMS. Its major objectives include promoting academic and policy research in the fields of business, industry, public enterprises, and other related areas. Besides, enrolling limited students for higher studies like M.Phil and Ph.D., R&DD is also playing a significant role to meet individual and organizational needs by offering short term courses. It also plans and organizes internship training for IMS students with various work organizations of repute. Holding regular talks, dialogues, seminars, workshops, and conferences are some of the noteworthy features of this division. To carry out different research projects and training programs on its own or in association with sister academic research and other non-governmental institutes as a reliable and competent partner both at home and abroad is another distinctive feature of the institute. In short, IMS is emerging as a major center of excellence in the field of management and its allied disciplines, catering to the ever-growing demands of the markets both at national and international levels.


To become the leading business school through addressing the specific compulsions and challenges faced by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by shaping entrepreneurial and business practices, building state capacity, and supporting public, private, as well as non-governmental development efforts through its integrated multidisciplinary and applied research focus; and a school of choice through access to education, capacity building, communal spirit, and social responsibility.


Imparting business education in order to meet the challenges of dynamic global business environment, inculcating the sense of citizenship responsibility through communal involvement. Furthermore, providing a knowledge and resource base to state institutions and policy makers for building their institutional capacities and competencies by offering a platform to support non-governmental and international donors for optimizing social interventions and innovations.


              •         Intellectual openness, honesty, and quest for learning

              •         Human equity and dignity

              •         Democratic values and mutual respect

              •         Academic and social inclusion

              •         Environmental sustainability and social responsibility

              •         Ethical and professional behavior

              •         Active engagement and partnership


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