• Assistant Professor

Dr. Shabana Rafique

Ph.D , University of Peshawar (2015) in Textile and Fashion Designing
Research Interest:  Textile and Fashion Designing
Telephone: 9216882
Assistant Professor (From 2009 to date), Lecturer (From 1994 to 2009), Lecturer Adhoc (From 1991 to 1994),
Honors and Awards:
1. 3rd Position in Service Teacher Training Program. 2. Achieved A+ in Computer Course for Executives. 3. Certificate in Science and Cultural Fair.
Service Activity:
Board of Studies (Incharge), Round Record (Incharge), Admissions B.Sc
Brief Statement of Research Interests:
Textile and Fashion Designing
1.Analysis Study of Pakistan and Foreign Made Wool and WoolBlended Fabrics-I,Shabana Rafiq, Shahnaz Parveen Khattak and Amir Muhammad Khan. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sc. Vol 13 No. 2.1994.109 -112.

2.  Analysis Study of Pakistan and foreign Made Woolen and WoolBlended Fabrics-II. Quality Characteristics of Yarns, Shabana Rafiq,Shahnaz Parveen Khattak, Amir Muhd Khan. Journal of Engineering & Applied Science. Vol, 14.No.5.1995.141-145

3.  A Comparative Study on the Durability of Pakistan & Foreign made Wool and Wool Blended Fabrics. Shabana Rafiq, Shahnaz Parveen Khattak,Sabiha Zafar Sarhad Journal of Agriculture Vol 14.no.5.1998.501-507

4.   A Comparative Study on the Abrasion resistance of Selected Upholstery Fabrics. Khalida Parveen, Shabana Rafique. PUTAJ.Vol 10. 2003.99-106

5.    A Comparative Study on the Effects of Various Washing Powders on the Dimensional Stability of Cotton Fabrics-I, Hina Shiraz, Shabana Sajjad, Shahnaz Parveen Khattak, PUTAJ Science,UOP Vol 13. 2006.103-109

6.    A Comparative Study on the Effects of Various Washing Powders on the Abrasion Resistance of Polyester/Cotton Blends ,Faryal Yousaf, Shahnaz Parveen Khattak, Shabana Sajjad, PUTAJ Science,UOP. Vol 13. 2006.95-101.

7.Pigment dyeing and finishing of Cotton /Polyester Fabrics with Modified Dihydroxyethyleneurea and Various Softeners. Shabana Rafique, Shahnaz Parveen Khattak, Bashir Ahmad,Tanveer Hussain. Life Science Journal 2014.Vol 11(5) 165-174

8.  Optimization of fastness and tensile properties of cotton fabric dyed with natural extracts of Marigold flower (Tagetes Erecta) by pad steam method. Shahnaz Parveen Khattak, Shabana Rafique, Tanveer Hussain and Bashir Ahmad. Life Science Journal 2014; 11(7):52-60

9. Impact of Functional Finishes on the Tensile and Tear Strength Properties of Pigment Dyed P/C Fabrics by Post & Meta Finishing Modes of Application.Shabana Rafique,Shahnaz Parveen Khattak, Tanveer Hussain, Bashir Ahmad, Faiza Tauqeer.(accepted for publication in)Journal of Sc.&Tech,UOP.

10.Investigation of Colour Fastness Properties of Polyester/Cotton Fabrics Treated with Pigment Orange& Various Functional Finishes.Shabana Rafique, Shahnaz Parveen Khattak,Tanveer Hussain,Bashir Ahmad,Javaid Ali.Accepted for Asian Journal of Chemistry; Vol. 27,  No. 12 (2015)

11.  Colour fastness and tensile strength of cotton fabric dyed with natural extracts of Alkanna tinctoria by continuous dyeing technique” Shahnaz Parveen Khattak, Shabana Rafique, Tanveer Hussain, Faiza Inayat and Bashir Ahmad.(accepted for publication in) Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan, Vol 38, No. 2, April 2016 issue.

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