PM laptop Scheme: 16 & 18 Years Education System Selected list of Phase 3 (2015-2016)

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In case of any queries of the students they should consult their departmental focal person who should in email submit the correction to the office of the undersigned on or before 28th of March,2017 for further submission to the Higher Education Commission.

Please review the provisional list and ensure that selected students are maintaining the minimum academic requirement set forth by the University for Said course/program. Please also ensure that, these students are not struck from the university due to academic or any other disciplinary reasons.  We understand that following terms and conditions which are already communicated to your university has been checked by your good self. However, please update the data in online portal in case any discrepancy found. Kindly ensure the following:-


a) Verified student(s) are enrolled in university as per terms and conditions set forth in University/Institution regulations after following  dates :




MBA ( 1.5 Year)

31st  December 2014

MBA  (2.5 Year)

31st  December 2013

MBA ( 3.5 Year)

31st  December 2012

MS/M Phil ( 2 Year)  

30th  June 2014


30th  June 2014

PhD (Natural Sciences)

30th  June 2011

PhD (Social Sciences and Others)

30th  June 2012

Bachelors (4/ 5 years)

30th June 2012 / 30th  June 2011


b) The verified student(s) have not availed Laptop in any Government funded scheme/scholarships

c) Verified students are enrolled in HEC’s recognized campus(es)

d) Applicant(s) information specially date of  admission, CGPA, and Department have been checked.