UoP's Geography contributes highest number of Volunteers to ECP is acknowledged :ECP Prov.Commissioner

Peshawar: A certificate distribution ceremony was held at the Department of Geography, University of Peshawar for the volunteer students by the Provincial Election Commission, KP on October 16, 2019. The chief guest of the ceremony was the Provincial Election Commissioner, KP, Pir Maqbool Ahmed who in his speech informed the staff and students that number of registered volunteer students from Departmentof Geography, UoP was highest in the province. He also appreciated the efforts of chairperson, Prof. Dr. Iffat Tabassum, focal person of the department, Dr. Shehla Gul and students of the department.To acknowledge their participation, contribution and services in the recent election process in KP, first certificate distribution ceremony is arranged in this department. He along with Prof. Dr. Iffat Tabassumdistributed certificates among those students who themselves as volunteers with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Gender Wing, KP. This volunteer registration program is part of theawareness raising activities being conducted by the ECP Gender Wing to encourage voters, particularlyfemales to cast their vote during elections. The Director of ECP Gender Wing, KP Mr. Haroon Shinwari along with other officials of ECP also attended the ceremony. The Chairperson of the Department ofGeography, Prof. Dr. Iffat Tabassum and the senior faculty members Dr. Jamal Nasir, Dr. Atta-ur-Rehmanand other worthy faculty members were also present in the ceremony. The focal person of ECP Gender Wing in the department, Dr. Shehla Gul said that the Department of Geography, University of Peshawarhas registered the highest number of volunteers (more than 75) with the ECP which is a great achievement and reflects the interest of the new generation in the electoral process. The Provincial Election Commissioner KP, Pir Maqbool Ahmed awarded certificates to the students while a special certificate of appreciation was also given to the focal person of ECP in the department, Dr. Shehla Gul.The chief guest pledged that the ECP will continue their interaction with the department in future as well. Refreshments were also arranged by the ECP for volunteer students and the faculty