Below are some of the objectives of ORIC

  • Design research policies for the university.
  • Capacity building of university faculty by arranging seminars, workshops, trainings on various topics compatible with needs of community, encourage potential scientists to conduct funded research and engage into research activities that facilitates ways to transforming knowledge into economy.
  • Establish links with national and international donors for funded research.
  • Encourage collaborations of departments with International universities to conduct joint research.
  • Encourage faculty members to write proposals for funded research for local and international funding organization.
  • Integration of research activities at all levels and centers, departments, Institutes and postgraduate colleges of the university.
  • Promote multi-disciplinary research environment within the university.
  • Develop inter-university research program for promotion of research collaboration between University of Peshawar and other national and international universities and research organizations.
  • Identify industry opportunities and reduce gap between academia and industry by creating a research linkage between the two.
  • Prepare business plans for commercialization of research projects.
  • Promote entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization.

Collaboration with Industry

In this growing era of technology and advancement, industry in Pakistan is gaining pace to coop with the international standards. The need of the industry is changing rapidly and requires to be fulfilled at equal pace. Industry is always looking up to academia to provide human resources that are capable enough to meet the international standards at work. There is still gap between what is required at industry and what is produced at academia. This gap should be filled in order to make country progress at a stable pace.

ORIC at University of Peshawar is striving to reduce this gap between industry and academia. For this purpose, ORIC is approaching various industry domains to ask for collaboration. This collaboration with industry will help in understanding the needs and hence will help university produce quality human material required by the industry. ORIC is on the way to get final approval of its modified consultancy policy and gathering the information from various departments of the university about the target market where the students of that department will be planning to serve after graduation and then approaches that particular client and asks for collaborations in the form of internships, jobs, research partnerships and various technical joint ventures.