Directorate of Planning & Development(P & D)

Develop Quality Facilities

  1. OBJECTIVE: Create environmentally responsible and sustainable buildings
  2. OBJECTIVE: Each project contributes to the fabric of the campus
  3. OBJECTIVE: Create facilities that enhance program uses
  4. OBJECTIVE: Stay within project budget
  5. OBJECTIVE: Projects are completed on schedule

If Directorate of Planning and Development is to create environmentally responsible and sustainable buildings that contribute to the fabric of the campus and enhance program uses and manage projects within budget and on schedule, it is critical that we be able to appropriate the best skills available in our staffing efforts. There must be recognition among University Administration that we are in competition with the entire public and private sector who offers more attractive employment opportunities than UOP has available within the current staffing guidelines. Great strides toward this goal have been made in the past 20 months, but continued support is essential. Directorate Planning and Development must be as diverse and flexible as the Developmental Program UOP submits to HEC every year. In looking at our current organization, we continue to see new staffing needs. In the next one to five years we anticipate the need for a Space Management Manager, a Computer Technician, a Planning Assistant, a Project Officer specializing in Community Development, and a Deputy Director.

Improve Staff Skill and Professionalism

  1. OBJECTIVE: Publish procedures manual
  2. OBJECTIVE: Provide technology and training

Directorate of Planning and Development staff has managed an unmanageable workload with few guidelines for many years. What guides available existed in the experiences of long-term staff members. New staff learned through trial and error the methods UOP supports in management of major capital projects. Until now, there has been neither time nor funds to devote staff members to the writing and publishing of a procedures manual. Directorate of Planning and Development has also lacked the funding to provide staff training opportunities. With an operating budget of less than 1% of our budget, there has been no funding for these opportunities even if staff members could carve out the time. These two areas must now be looked upon as a top priority. If we are to do our job for Business Affairs and the University in the expedient, professional manner expected of us, we must be able to devote the necessary time and money to the development and publishing of a departmental procedural manual. This will reduce the learning curve for new staff and give all staff confidence in knowing the basic ground rules. It will also provide an opportunity to improve in areas that, until now, have not had the structure necessary for review and revision. Staff training is an area where we must aggressively seek out, identify and participate in seminars and training opportunities for all areas of our staff education and training in industry standards are an essential in order to stay abreast of the current and changing design and construction methods. Once these skills are learned, we must provide the necessary tools for our staff to put them into practice. This may include publications, software, hardware and other tools as they become necessary. Having the manuals, tools and technology will allow us to be at our most productive as well as communicate effectively with those we do business with on a daily basis.

Make Customer Service and Directorate Of Planning And Development Synonymous

  1. OBJECTIVE: Publish the Campus Master Plans
  2. OBJECTIVE: Develop informative web page that improves communication processes.
  3. OBJECTIVE: Reach out to stakeholders
  4. OBJECTIVE: Problem solve through a single point of staff

If Directorate of Planning and Development is to achieve this goal, we must look to technology and communication. In order for us to develop and publish the Master Plans and Web page, we must have the tools necessary. This includes the computerized tools and dedicated time to devote to these objectives. In addition, Directorate of Planning and Development must communicate both within our own staff and then to our stakeholders. That communication will require first and foremost a mindset that stresses the importance of customer service. We must show our staff members that we value their opinions and their input and then we must stress the need to take that attitude to the community around us. We need to provide and implement communication tools and provide training necessary for all staff members to become proficient in them.

Develop a Clear Vision for Physical Preservation and Expansion Throughout The University Of Peshawar System

  1. OBJECTIVE: Update Long Range Planning Tools
  2. OBJECTIVE: Acknowledge external planning influences
  3. OBJECTIVE: Review design guidelines for appropriate application to all UOP Campuses.
  4. OBJECTIVE: Be a source of expertise for our stakeholders / customers / peer institutions

The resources required to accomplish this goal are largely found in the first three goals: staffing, tools, and training. As these resources are realized, we need to expand their use to incorporate the University's 10 year Capital Improvement Plan, to stretch the boundaries of our current funding methods by seeking alternative funding methods such as strategic partnerships, and to look beyond our own boundaries and comfort zone to seek growth in new areas.

Participate In Community Forums To Promote University Goals, Objectives And Strategies.

  1. OBJECTIVE: Mutually beneficial planning
  2. OBJECTIVE: Be a source of expertise for our stakeholders/customers/peer institutions.

The resources necessary to realize this goal are those found in goals one through three. If our staff members are given the time to participate in these community forums, and given the tools and training to prepare presentations that are attractive and support the University in a positive manner, we will be a positive influence for UOP.