Academic Section

Academic Section is responsible for all aspects of the academic matters of the University and includes the following:

  • Formation of Authorities of the University such as: The Senate, the Syndicate and the Academic Council;
  • Formation of other Statutory bodies of the University such as: The Board of Faculties, the Boards of Studies, the Affiliation Committee, the University Discipline Committee, the Advanced Studies and Research Board, the Finance and Planning Committee, the Selection Board etc.;
  • Formation of bodies/Committees provided for under various Statutes, Rules and Regulation of the University such as: the Board for Management of Employees Foundation etc;
  • Conducts meeting of the Senate and the Academic Council;
  • Processing the cases for appointment of the Deans of the faculties and the Chairmen of the Teaching Departments;
  • Conduction of Election to various constituencies of the Senate, the Syndicate and the Academic Council;
  • Framing/approval of Statutes, Rules and Regulations of the University of Peshawar;
  • Amend Statutes, Rules and Regulations through bodies ;
  • Approve schemes of Studies pertaining to B.,Sc, M.A/M.Sc, LL.B and   B.Ed, Commerce and M.Phil/Ph.D from the relevant bodies.
  • Provide guidance on Rules and regulations etc;
  • Notify change of official timings, Summer Vacations, Spring/Winter Recess and other holidays; and
  • Any other task incidental to the above-stated responsibilities or assigned by the authorities.