Fundraising Office

Universities across the world are diversifying their sources of funding in order to develop, expand or at least maintain the existing standards against falling government support for higher education. The University of Peshawar (UOP) has also recognized this fact and has established Fundraising Office in July 2018 in order to explore new funding avenues and better manage and exploit the existing sources of funds of the university. The office is established under the project “Strengthening of the University of Peshawar” supported by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and operates as per the following framework:

Goal/ Vision:

The University of Peshawar is a self-sustaining institution and is having sufficient funds for its students, faculty and different initiatives.


  1. UOP Endowment Fund is established and increasing on a sustainable basis
  2. New initiatives of University are adequately funded by donors/ corporate sector/ government entities
  3. Alumni and philanthropists are actively contributing to students’ scholarship, staff salaries and new initiatives
  4. University is recognized as an efficient training and consulting institution
  5. University’s facilities/ assets are regularly being utilized and is earning income
  6. University is following a standardized fundraising/ endowment related policies and systems
  7. Fundraising Office is actively engaged in Fundraising for UOP on a sustainable basis


  1. Alumni and philanthropists
  2. Government sector
  3. Donor Organization and Corporate sector
  4. Commercialization of UOP facilities and resources (including  Human Resource for Consultancies, Trainings)
  5. System & Policy Development


  1. Organizing Fundraising events (such as New Year evening, Spring festival, Sports Gala etc)
  2. Merchandising/ sale of souvenir (printed T-shirts, key chains, cups etc)
  3. Engaging Media (Campaigning through Social Media, Mainstream media advertisement of radio/ cable/ TV)
  4. Donors’ and corporate sector engagement and developing and submitting project proposals/ PC 1 development
  5. Requesting donations on SMS
  6. Developing UoP as a consulting firm (listing of its human resources’ expertize and highlighting and promoting and collecting information of staff and develop a profile to respond to call for proposals/consultancies/tenders etc)
  7. Fundraising from asset management and commercialization of UOP facilities (Bara Gali campus, Halls, Playgrounds, classrooms, guesthouses, markets, shops etc)
  8. Institutional development (policy formulation, developing system for online donation etc)

Structure of Fundraising Office:

The Fundraising Office will operate through the following management structure:


  1. Commitment
  2. Accountability
  3. Mutual respect
  4. Integrity