Legal Cell

The Duties and Responsibilities of Legal Cell/Litigation Officer are given as under

  1. It coordinates between the University/Schools/Departments/Centres and the University legal counsels in handling the court cases.
  2. It also coordinates between the apex courts and the University and apprise the courts with the view point of the University in various issues.
  3. The legal cell prepares parawise comments in the suits filed against the University of Peshawar with the help of the department/section concerned and make follow-up in the court(s) of law.
  4. It also coordinates between the various Departments/Centres/Sections and Legal Advisor(s) for obtaining advice on legal issues in day-to-day working of the Institute.
  5. It also advises the University on all the legal matters, including disciplinary matters, service matters, affiliation issues etc., wherever is required.
  6. It also assists the office of the Registrar in preparing replies in various cases/appeals.
  7. It is also responsible for addressing legal issues arising out of the activities of the University.
  8. performs any other duty/task assigned by the Competent Authority from time to time