Meetings Section


  1. The Meetings Section is involved in the recruitment and selection process of various teaching / administrative positions i.e. BPS-17 and above. (both contract / permanent)
  2. It scrutinizes application forms, documents and credentials of the candidates for the advertised posts.
  3. It arranges meeting (s) of the Scrutiny and Appellate Committee (s).
  4. The Section also conducts screening tests for administrative positions in BPS-17 and for lecturers in BPS-18.
  5. The Meetings Section does correspondence with the Referees regarding evaluation of research articles for the post of Professor and Associate Professor.
  6. It prepare / circulates agenda for meeting of the Selection Board and the Syndicate
  7. Its record / circulates minutes of the meetings of the Selection Board and the Syndicate
  8. The Meetings Section is involved in the official correspondence with various government functionaries across Pakistan, including the Higher Education Commission, Governor’s Secretariat as well as correspondence with foreign Universities regarding various academic issues / verification (s).
  9. The Meetings Section also conducts various miscellaneous meeting(s) when and as directed by the executive bodies and competent authority respectively.