Establishment Section

The Establishment section serves under the direction and control of the Registrar, and prepare cases in line with the statutes and rules in vogue. It ensures that the Act, Statutes and Rules are faithfully observed in the University.

The Office is responsible to:

  1. Administer the daily operations of all teaching and administrative departments of the University.
  2. Provide administrative support/ Human Resource to all the teaching and administrative Departments.
  3. Perform complex professional, technical, and administrative tasks relating to the administration of the university departments.
  4.  Process appointment cases of BPS-02 to 16 employees and other contract positions.
  5. Process the Promotion and up gradation, retirements, preparation of pension papers, transfers, and postings cases of employees besides initiating their permission / no objection certificates cases for various purposes.
  6. Initiate leave cases and matters pertaining to disciplinary actions.
  7. Process cases of Increments and honorarium to the University employees. 
  8. It also maintains the seniority list for allotment of all types of houses on the campus.
  9. Correspondence with relevant government departments.
  10. Keep a record of the employees’ personal files.

Besides the Establishment section in responsible for conducting meetings of the Selection Committee, Syndicate`s Committees, Study Leave Committee and House Allotment Committee of the University of Peshawar.

It also performs any other function assigned by the Vice Chancellor/ Registrar of the University  from time to time.