Directorate of Planning & Development (P&D)





S# Name of Country & Organization/ Dept./ University Field of Cooperation Date of
1 Pyeongtaek University (Korea) Exchange of Faculty, students/ Academic Materials/Joint Research activities and Short-term academic programs 28.01.2013
2 Department of Genetics, Biotechnology and Microbiology University of Bonn, Germany DAAD Program German / Pakistani Research Collaboration 01.10.2013
3 University of Brunel, UK Exchange of Academic Information/Faculty members/ Research/ Seminar/ Conferences  
4 Hanbat National University Republic of Korea Exchange of students/Faculty members/Scientific Material and Publications and Research 24.10.2012
5 Erfurt University Germany Exchange of students/Faculty members/ Publications and Research Project 08.08.2012
6 Boise State University Idaho, USA Exchange of Post-Graduate students/Faculty members and Research 13.05.2011
7 University of Sheffield, UK Exchange of Post-Graduate students/Faculty members and Research 13.05.2011
8 Xinjiang University China Exchange of Academic Material, Faculty members and students for Research  
9 Xuzhou Normal University China Exchange of Academic Material, Faculty members and students for Research and Establishment of Pakistan Study Chair at Xuzhou Normal University China 02.08.2011
10 Iranian University of Zahidan - Siestan Exchange of Academic researcher  
11 Hannam University, Republic of Korea Students exchange Programme 21.01.2013
12 Consulate General of USA Establishment of a public information and activity centre (Linkon centre) 13.03.2014 to 13.03.2017
13 Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, I.R. Iran Exchange of Faculty members and students for Research and workshops 01.08.2013
14 Justus Liebig University Giessen Department of Geography, Germany and  Deptt. Of Geography, UOP Joint research activities, Exchange of material/ publication/staff members and students  
15 Promotion of Education in Pakistan (PEP) Foundation, USA Promotion of Education in Pakistan 04.03.2013
16 School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and NCE in Physical Chemistry, UOP Training of M.Phil and Ph.D.  Scholars, Joint Research on Chemical and Envi: Problems, Exchange of Scholars and students and Research facilities 11.09.2013
17 Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry China and NCE in Physical Chemistry, UOP Training of M.Phil and Ph.D.  Scholars, Joint Research on Chemical and Envi: Problems, Exchange of Scholars and students and Research facilities 11.09.2013
18 Technology Convergence Center, Incheon Technopark (KITECH) South Korea Research Cooperation, Training Program 18.11.2013
19 Kabul University Afghanistan and NCE in Physical Chemistry, UOP Training of Scholars in chemistry, Research project on chemical and environmental problem. Exchange of Faculty and students.  
20 Consortium University Afghanistan Exchange of students, Faculty, Literature and library material. Joint workshop, seminar and conference. Teacher training program 25.01.2011
21 Herat University Afghanistan and Area Study Centre (Central Asia) University Of Peshawar Joint research on Central Asia. Exchange of scholars and students and language studies  
22 Nangarhar University Afghanistan Joint research activities, exchange of academic material, publications, staff members and students, seminars and conferences 18.08.2013
23 Sookmyung Women’s University Republic of Korea Exchange of students, Faculty, Science Material, Publications Joint Research Program 20.05.2014
24 Shandong University of Science and Technology, China Training of Ph.D students, Teaching and Research, Workshop/ Seminars, Joint Publications/ Research Projects 16.05.2014
25 Nazarene University Korea (KNU) Exchange of students, Faculty, Academic information and Short courses to improve language proficiency 21.05.2014
26 University of Kentucky USA Joint research activities, exchange of academic materials and publication , exchange of faculty members and students  for research 18.02.2013
27 Korea University of International Studies Exchange of Student and faculty, cooperation in research, international internship program for the students 21.02.2013
28 University of Sains Malaysia (USM) Exchange of Students and Lecturers for Research in the field of Archaeology 29.04.2013
29 Teradata Pakistan and Deptt. Of Computer Science UOP To facilitate Academic and Educational Cooperation in the area of data warehousing and business intelligence 05.07.2010
30 Directorate of Education (FATA) Mutual Economic, Cultural and Educational cooperation 12.09.2012
31 SMEDA  Regional Office Peshawar To promote entrepreneurial Culture in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Region 27.04.2012
32 Press Council of Pakistan Holding Conferences, Workshops Short Course and Networking 27.01.2012
33 Hagler Bailly Pakistan (Pvt) Exchange of Knowledge of Social Development and Cultural change in Society, Discuss issues in problems prevailing in the society 09.06.2012
34 Peace Education and Development Foundation (PEAD) Peshawar Training of Teachers and students, and Manual Development regarding Peace and Education 23.11.2012
35 Gandhara University Peshawar and CRL, MRL UOP Exchange of Training and Scientific Technique, Joint Conferences and Seminars 18.04.2012
36 Sheraz University of Medical Science, Iran Joint Research Project, Exchange of Academic and Students 16.11.2012
37 Peshawar Press Club Workshops, Seminars and specifically designed courses 20.10.2012
38 Qatar Airways Travel Discount 28.11.2012
39 Ministry of science and Technology Islamabad To cooperate and facilitate in field of Research Human and Material resources for mutual benefits 21.12.2012
40 Virtual University of Pakistan To develop courses BA/B.Sc Program, collaborate in all academic activities   29.11.2012
41 Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund Islamabad Sharing knowledge through exchanges, borrowings and publications, Research support, Training, Short term internship for FATA especially female students 19.03.2013
42 Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Islamabad Cooperation in areas of Research and Training 20.05.2013
43 Relief International - Pakistan To support Postgraduate students/ scholars for research on Zoonoses 20.05.2013
44 BARGAD, Allama Iqbal Town, Rahwali, Gujranwala and Inst: of Social Work, Sociology & Gender Studies, UOP Promoting Peace and Democracy through Critical Thinking among Youth on Campuses 18.06.2013
45 Social Welfare, Special Education and Women Empowerment Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (SW,SE,WED) GIZ and Deptt. Of Journalism & Mass Communication, UOP Training measures for students, Journalists and Projects activities 04.06.2014
46 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT Board and Department Of Computer Science , UOP To establish incubation centers and to facilitate students to develop technical skills and support development of entrepreneurial companies 11.07.2013
47 Peace and Education Foundation Islamabad Teachers self-Awareness, Research, Educational Planning, Critical Thinking and Skills, Conflict Resolution and Peace building/ Human Rights and Pluralism  24.09.2013
48 NORI (Nuclear Medicine & Oncology Radiotherapy Institute) Hospital Islamabad and Deptt. Of Pharmacy, UOP Formulation development for the targeted delivery of Anticancer Drugs  
49 Directorate of Monitoring & Evaluation, FATA Secretariat, Peshawar and Post Crisis Needs Assessment (PCNA) FATA Secretariat, Peshawar and Inst: of Geography, Urban & Regional Planning, UOP Field Staff Training, Develop GIS Tool, Data Collection, Map Digitization and Data Base Development 22.01.2014
50 Urban Sector Planning and Management Service Unit (Pvt) Limited (USPMSU) Punjab and Inst: of Geography, Urban & Regional Planning, UOP Trainings, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops 11.02.2014
51 PAIMAN Alumni Trust, Peshawar Training on Conflict Transformation and Leadership Skills February,
52 The Consulate General of the United States of America Public Affaris Section, in Peshawsar Lincoln Corner University of Peshawar (Central Library) 13.03.2014
52 IDEA (Initiative for Development and Empowerment Axis) and Inst: of Social Work, Sociology and gender Studies, UOP To improve the Presentation and Communication Skills of the students, Workshops, Trainings for students capacity building 01.04.2014
53 Youth Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Pakistan Youth Change Advocates, Islamabad Orientation Seminars, Training 02.04.2014
54 Tribal Areas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI) Internship facilities to BBA,MBA, and commerce graduation of university of Peshawar 12.09.2012
55 British Council Peshawar and Department of English &Applied Linguistics UOP. To support Open Learning Centre (SOLC) and learning activities in English Department. 10.03.2010
56 Social Welfare, Special Education & Women Empowerment Department and Institute and Gender Studies, Sociology  Work and Sociology UOP Collaboration in knowledge research and survey, financial and technical support. 10.06.2014
57 The Pakistan Office of the Friedrich-Ebert University Germany and Deptt. of Journalism, UOP To enhance public awareness regarding media in political process of Pakistan, improving the public regulation of media to make media actors a transparent and self critical institution to develop the society. 04.06.2014
58 Knowledge Sharing and Research collaboration NIDA Pakistan Sharing data, training of student, seminars and workshops, internships and sponsoring students research Projects July 2014
59 Directorate of Science & Technology and Information Technology Deptt. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and University of Engg: &Technology Peshawar and Khyber Medical University Peshawar Research Project 07.08.2014
60 University of Swabi and Home & Tribal Affairs Deptt. Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peace building and Rule of Law also conducts analysis and research on vital issues 2014
61 Home & Tribal Affairs Deptt. Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Research projects, Staff exchange for Research, Training and lectures Seminars, Conferences 28.10.2014
62 Association of Chartered Certificate Accountants, Pakistan (ACCA) Awarding Scholarships for students 11.11.2014
63 Community Motivation & Development Organization Peshawar Improve Learning outcomes through use of innovative assessment tools by establishing a quality assurance system, Quality of Public Primary Education System December
64 Management Financial & Technical Consultants (MAFTEC) Peshawar Training Program for female students 23.02.2015
65 Hanns Seldel Foundation, Islamabad and Department of Political Science Projects 5.5.2015 to 5.5.2020
66 Mevlana Exchange Programme, Turkey Student and Academic staff Exchange 5.3.2015 to 5.3.2020
67 Shandong University, China Exchange of students and faculty members Joint Research activities Exchange of academic materials and publications 10.02.2015
68 Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Cabinet Division Govt. of Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar PBM will provide maximum of Rs.100,000/- to Poor/deserving and brilliant 50 students 29.04.2015
69 Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, Islamabad Students Internship, trainings, seminars and competitions etc  05.05.2015
70 Ministry of science and Technology Islamabad To cooperate and facilitate in field of Research Human and Material resources for mutual benefits 12.05.2015
71 Agreement Between United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and Department of Political Science, University of Peshawar Research Studies 01.09.2015
72 University of DO ESTADO DO RIO DE JANEIRO (Brazil) Development of collaborative research by students and teachers, Academic visits, conferences, courses, publishing of books and journals, field work and data collection 25.09.2015
73 MOU Between Community World Service Asia and Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar Workshops and Training for Students 09.10.2015
74 MOU Between Plant International , Pakistan and Sociology, University of Peshawar Students Orientation, Training of Plan staff in Social Research, Technical Support, Research Projects and Knowledge Sharing 05.10.2015
75 China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China and NCE in Geology,  University of Peshawar Cooperation in training in the field of Geosciences and Associated fields 17.10.2015
76 MOU Between IHSAN Trust, Peshawar and University of Peshawar Providing Qarz-e-Hasna to University of Peshawar deserving students

21.10.2015               to 20.10.2019

77 MOU Between EA Consulting Pvt Ltd (USAID ) and IE&R, University of Peshawar Construction of the Faculty of Education Building at University of Peshawar


78 Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey Students Research and Project

For three

79 MOU Between United Nations Development Programme (Pakistan) and Institute of Management Studies,  University of Peshawar Project “Capacity Building Initiative for the Youth of FATA”


80 British Council, Pakistan
  • Citizenship Education and Community Engagement Programme
  • Active Citizens” at University of Peshawar
  • Develop capacity of University of Peshawar faculty members as facilitators by organizing on-campus training.
  • Develop Monitoring & Evaluation Process to monitor the social action projects initiated by University of Peshawar students. (exchange, seminars, policy dialogue etc.) to University of Peshawar, faculty and students
81 Professional Education Foundation, Karachi Financial support to BBA/IT First Year students 07.01.2016
82 Agreement Between United Nations Development Programme (Pakistan) and Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies Project, Training


83 Friends Travel Inn. Pvt. (Ltd) Peshawar Airlines Domestic & International discount in tickets for the Faculty and Staff of UOP, Hostel reservation worldwide, Visa assistance 06.01.2016
84 Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Department of Social Work To promote the Child Protection in Emergencies (CPiE) in the Province 29.01.2016
85 United Nationa Development Programme (UNDP) and  Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management (CDPM) To promote evidence-based research and technical knowledge on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) 26.04.2016
86 Technishe Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg Faculty of Geosciences, Geoengineering and Mining Germany
  • Organization of Joint Academic, scientific, experimental and    technical activities
  • Exchange of academic staff for lectures, conferences, workshops and research
  • Exchange of students for courses   and specialized programme
  • Exchange of publications and   other materials of common interest
87 Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and University of Peshawar
  1. Establishment of China Study Centre at University of Peshawar
  2. To encourage and promote China-related research and study as well as promote Chinese language, culture, history and arts etc
88 Institute of Earthsciences, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China and NCE in Geology, University of Peshawar Joint collaborative Research work and Project 24.10.2014
89 MOU Between FATA Secretariat, Peshawar and I.R University of Peshawar To conduct different events, reports, studies, survey, focus group discussions, debates and dialogues, workshops and Conferences for FATA students 09.08.2016
90   To establish Academic linkage through exchange and cooperation in education and research in the discipline of Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Information Technology, Engineering and Computer Sciences  
91 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Islamabad To promote sustainable development, education of poverty, advancement of women, good governance and the rule of law 08.11.2016
92 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Canada and Department of Pharmacy To promote research / training and education of those Ph.D candidates who have received research grant through the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan’s International Research Support Initiative Program 08.11..2016
93 Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar and URP, Environmental Sciences Departmen, UOP To promote of research activities, training, social surveys, conservancy/protection of environment, climate change and use of professional planning and management tools for urban and regional planning 23.12.2016
94 National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research Centre of Excellence, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabadand History Department To promote research / education and academic activities 28.12.2016
95 Legal Research Institute of Pakistan (LRIP) and Economics Department
  1. To produce researches in the areaof Economics and to connect them with the policy makers of Pakistanfor assistance, consideration and implementation.
  2. To develop academic and educational cooperation.
  3. To establish a collaborative  programme in Economic Policies and Research.
96 Riphah International University, Islamabad
  1. Exchange of research scholars/students for training
  2. Exchange of Joint Research Projects
97 Eduvision Islamabad To promote education, counseling, training, welfare, development of youth and joint research projects 17.03.2017
98 Women University Mardan
  1. Exchange of academic information & materials and other cooperation as mutually agreed
  2. Exchange of faculty, researchers,  students: graduate/ undergraduate to be specified in separate negotiated agreements
  3. Conducing collaborative projects,research,lectures, organizing symposia, holding  conferences, seminars and workshops  
99 Asia Foundation and Law College
  1. Create awareness promote research and students in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  2. Jointarrange Seminars/ workshops/conferences to disseminateInformation, Education and Communications (IEC), training manual and course curriculum on ADR
  3. Equip academia, researchers, professionals
  4. Establish of ADR Research Centre at Law College for research and study of international best practices  
100 Jiangsu University, Republic of China
  1. Exchange students, faculty,
  2. Exchange research, designing dual degree programs, language
  3. Exchange programs and providing scholarships to Pakistani students
101 Northwest University, China
  1. Cooperation and support in academic research projects/ research equipment and facilities
  2. Joint organization of conference Workshops/research Collaboration and training in the field of Archaeology and cultural heritage protection
  3. Exchange of academic staff and students
  4. Promotion of Chinese studies in UOP and Pakistani studies in NWU
102 Agreement between United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Islamabad and Department of Criminology, University of Peshawar Conducting Trainings for Prosecution Department KP under the Rule of Law Project, UNDP Pakistan 16.06.2017
103 Botany Department, Islamia College, Charted University Peshawar
  1. Faculty collaboration
  2. Exchange of students, published academic materials, plant specimens for herbaria, labs and botanical gardens
  3. Human resource development
  4. Joint academic meetings and expeditions for exploration of national plant natural wealth for strengthening herbaria and botanical gardens
  5. Organizing joint Seminars/Symposia Workshops/Conferences/Specialshort- term academic programs and Lectures
  6. Joint research projects
104 FATA Secretariat, Peshawar Preservation of URMARI Language in South Waziristan Agency   17.07.2017
105 Hissar Foundation, Universities for Water Network, Karachi and Department of Geography
  1. Participate regularly in UWN meetings
  2. Engage with and contribute to UWN research
  3. Share research opportunities and possibilities of collaboration with HF & UWN
  4. Host UWN meetings at University of Peshawar at own cost
  5. Provide accommodation and meal to all participants at own cost
  6. Provide venue for UWN meeting at own cost
  7. Organize seminar/field trip for UWN participants with UWN meeting at UOP
  8. Sponsor travel of University of Peshawar representative to UWN meetings in other universities
  9. Provide logistical support for UWN meeting at University of Peshawar
  10. Facilitate HF by hosting other water related events/seminars on need basis
106 China Institute of International Studies, Beijing China(CIIS)
  1. Conducting of joint conference, seminars and round-tables
  2. Visits of analysts and researchers
  3. Conduct of joint analytical and research projects
  4. Exchange of research works and publications
  5. Exchange of visiting scholars for joint research
107 Government of Federal Republic of Germany GIZ and Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Peshawar Financing Agreement for the Project titled “Giving voice to voiceless” 13.09.2017
108 Tsinghua International Center for Communication, China and HED, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on behalf of University of Peshawar To promote research cooperation, exchange of students and scholars, research of China culture, history and politics 17.04.2017
109 Helping Hand for Relief & Development (HHRD), Islamabad and Department of Social Work Internship, research and students career counseling 19.10.2017
110 Xidian University China and University of Peshawar
  1. Exchange of faculty and scholars for the purpose of research, teaching and development
  2. Exchange of students for the purpose of training, internship, degree-pursuing
  3. Exchange of information, experience and knowledge of academic fields (including research publications, teaching and library materials)
111 FATA University, FR Kohat and University of Peshawar
  • Mutual vistis and participation in Teaching and research programs
  • Exchange of research, teaching and technical staff
  • Exchange of information and materials of mutual interest
112 Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority, Karachi
  • To develop quality HR and Quality infrastructure
  • To facilitate the University of Peshawar in developing standardization and quality control assurance education programmes
  • To develop capacity building through Education, Training, Seminars and workshops, etc.
113 Governance & Policy Project Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (GPP-KP) and Department of Economics To engage students and staff members of Departmentof Economics for collection of Secondary Data of Taxpayers 31.01.2018
114 M/S SYKIQ, Islamabad Installation of Bicycle renting facility for all University of Peshawar employees, residents and students at University Campus 19.04.2018
For 3 years
115 International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Pakistan To promote International Humanitarian Law and Technical Cooperation on Matters relating Thereto 07.09.2018
For one year