Directorate of Quality Enhancement

Ranking Criteria

Research Criteria

  • HEC Approved Supervisors
  • Indigenous scholars studying at university
  • HEC Research grants approved
  • HEC Travel Grants Approved
  • Publications in Impact Factor Journals
  • Number of Papers published by the University
  • Citations
  • University H-Index
  • Number of W, X, Y, Z Journals published by the University
  • Internet Bandwidth (PERN) Utilization
  • Number of Conferences Organized

Quality Assurance Criteria

  • Plagiarism Policy Implementation            
  • Eligibility Criteria for appointments of faculty
  • Criteria for MPhil/MS & PhD Programs
  • Quality Enhancement Categorization

Teaching Quality Criteria

  • Student Teacher Ratio
  • Ratio of PhD Faculty to total faculty
  • Total PhD Output (PCD Enlistment)
  • Selectivity
  • Computing Facilities
  • Library Books
  • Full time PhD Faculty