Central Library

Acquisition Section

Duties/Work Analysis

  • Collecting Book Catalogues from the Publishers and Booksellers.

  • Preparing subject-wise list of books selected by the departments.

  • Enquiring different information (Price, Discount, etc.) from the booksellers.

  • Updating Foreign Exchange conversion rates

  • Keeping information regarding book stock.

  • Placing orders for books recommended by the faculty Staff.

  • Physical examination of books received from the Booksellers/ Publishers.

  • Checking of prices of books in the invoices.

  • Rectification of Bills in case of not complying with orders.

  • Allocation of book budget among different subjects.

  • Maintaining Accession Registers for Books and Theses.

  • Processing of Bills for payment of book suppliers

  • Assistance to the Audit Section in Pre and Post Audit of Bills for payment.

  • Maintaining a complete and accurate record of the Finance Expenditure.

  • Keeping Contact with the Donor agencies for donations of books.

  • Settling/Negotiating cases regarding the Books lost

  • Day to day correspondence with booksellers and publishers.