Central Library

Periodical/Thesis Section

Duties/Work Analysis

  • Maintenance and proper shelving of Master, M.Phil and Ph.D level Theses

  • Assigning call Numbers to periodicals from ULRICH Periodical Directory.

  • Maintaining Visible Index (An Index to Periodical Collection)

  • Feeding & Searching of Periodical & Newspaper articles in Computer database

  • Maintaining Computerized database for theses

  • Browsing of newspapers for locating and underlining Univ. News on daily basis

  • Photocopying of University News for appraisal of Vice-Chancellor, Registrar

  • Pasting of News in clipping files for record

  • Providing Newspapers to the Users for Photostat of required material

  • Providing Journals to the Users for photo-copying of required material

  • Keeping record of the Newspapers and Journals on receipt in concerned Registers

  • Subscription to & Processing of Invoices of Newspapers and Journals. 

  • Organization of Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers

  • Official correspondence with the Periodical/ Newspaper suppliers