Central Library


Chief Librarian

Duties/work Analysis

  • Formulation of policies, rules and regulations for library.

  • General Administration of the library

  • Preparation of Annual Report and ACR’s

  • Overseeing the technical word of the library personnel

  • Liaison with University authorities and other Sectional/Teaching Heads

Chief Librarian

Duties/work Analysis


Dairy, Dispatch, Typing & filing official correspondence

  • Maintaining E.C.R.

  • Preparing and processing Monthly salary Pay Bills

  • Maintenance of casual leave, staff attendance and stock registers etc.

  • Cyclostyling multiple copies of needed letters

  • Telephonic interaction with callers and processing of Telephone Bills etc.

  • Supervising building cleanliness

  • Looking after / Assigning staff duties

  • Updating the personal file records

  • Distribution of Dak

  • Printing of Library Items

  • Maintenance of Library Accounts