Central Library

Circulation section

Duties/Work Analysis

  • Issuing / Receiving of Membership application forms.

  • Daily charging and discharging of the library material.

  • Checking of information supplied by patrons in the application form.

  • Making entries of the particulars of new members in the borrower’s & Issue/Return Registers

  • Maintaining record of borrower applications forms

  • Maintaining and updating Issue/Return Registers

  • Preparation of borrowers Cards

  • Sending reminders for over due Books to the library members.

  • Levying fine for over due books

  • Settling cases regarding the Books damaged by the members

  • Preparing defaulter lists of students and sending them to the heads of the concerned teaching departments to withheld their roll numbers till they clear their accounts with the library

  • Issuing the library clearance certificates to the students/ faculty members etc

  • Helping out the library users in finding the required material.

  • Searching Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for library users

  • Providing assistance in the use of the library catalogue.

  • Shelving of the books on the racks that had been returned to the library.