Directorate of Advanced Studies & Research

Successful Graduates

Department of Political Science

  • Asghar Khan .2017: Streamlining Governance in FATA (Pakistan): A Study into the Challenges, Prospects and Responses of the Tribal People. (Supervised by: Dr. Taj Moharram Khan)

Department of International Relations

  • Zahoor Khan .2017: International Climate Change Policy: Political and Economic Underpinnings and Pakistan's Response for Sustainable Development. (Supervised by: Shafiq Ur Rehman)

Department of Economics

  • Fariha Naz .2017: The Impact of Terrorism on the Economy of Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Munir Khan Khattak)

College of Home Economics

  • Lubna Sattar .2017: An Analysis of Socio-Economic Problems of Street Children in Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen Nizam)

Pashto Academy

  • Abdul Hakim Shah .2017: Dastar Nama (Editing and Research). (Supervised by: Dr. Noor Muhammad Danish Bettani)

Department of Computer Science

  • Sehrish Rafiq .2017: Discovering Semantic Relationships Among PDF Book Figures Using Contextual Similarity. (Supervised by: Dr. Shah Khusro)
  • Sumaira Rasool .2017: Quality Service Analysis of Stream Control Transmission protocol in Vehicular Adhoc Networks. (Supervised by: Dr. Saeed Mahfooz)