Directorate of Advanced Studies & Research

Successful Graduates

Pakistan Study Centre

  • Saeeda Sharif .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Nadia Bashir .2017: Dr. Khan sahib and Khan Abdul Qayum Khan as Chief Ministers of the North West Frontier Province: Their Role in the Socio-Economic Development. (Supervised by: Dr. Fakhr-ul-islam)
  • Naheed Hussain .2017: Sikh Community Based in Peshawar: Perspective, Rituals and Status. (Supervised by: Dr. Fakhr-ul-islam)
  • Muhammad Iqbal .2017: Religion and Politics in Pakistan: The Post Zia Era (1988-2000). (Supervised by: Dr. Fakhr-ul-islam)
  • Irshad Ullah .2018: Socio Economic Impact of the Internally Displaced Persons from the North Waziristan Agency Camped in Lakki Marwat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (2014-2017). (Supervised by: Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam)
  • Muhammad Nawaz Khan .2019: Mutahida Majlis-E-Amal: Evaluation of their Performance in the Light of Election Manifesto 2002. (Supervised by: Dr. Fakhr-ul-islam)

Area Study Centre

  • Ayaz Ahmad .2016: Role of English in Afghan Language Policy Planning with its Impact on National Integration (2001-2010). (Supervised by: Dr. Sarfaraz Khan)
  • Najma Begum .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Sajjad Khan .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Kiran Nazir .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Atta Ullah Jan .2019: Spillover of Militancy from Afghanistan into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Case Study of District Charsadda (2007 to 2017). (Supervised by: Dr. Minhas Majeed Khan)
  • Muhammad Usama .2019: The Role of Pakistani Madaris in Afghan Jihad: A Case Study of Jumat-E-Ishaat-E-Al tauhid Wal-Sunnat (1979-1989). (Supervised by: Dr. Shahida Aman)

Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre

  • Zia Ur Rehman .2017: Hazrat Ibrahim, Musa our Isa Alaihehm u salam ki Hayat wo afkar sy mutaliq Bible our Qurani Taleemat ka ilmi wo Taqabli jayeza. (Supervised by: Dr. Hafiz Hifazat Ullah)
  • Hafiz Muhammad Ibrarullah .2016: Encyclopedia of Religion by Lindsay Jones (ED) Key Mazameen (from 'S.V AARON" to "S.V ANABAPTISM") Ka Ilmee Wa Tanqeedi Jayza". (Supervised by: Dr. Rashid Ahmad)
  • Ghulam Mujtaba .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Muhamamd Suliman .2018: Nill (Course wok based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Ihsan Ullah .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Mansoor Ali .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Aisha Gullalai .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Hunar Jan .2018: Nill (Course wok based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Muhammad Tariq Khan .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Muahmmad Yousaf .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)

NCE Geology

  • Nowrad Ali .2017: Sedimentological Investigations of the Upper Paleogene Strata, Northern Sulaiman Ranges North West Pakistan: Implication for Early Himalayan Evolution. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Hanif)
  • Muhammad Noor Taj Khan .2017: Structural Analysis of the Kalabagh Fault Zone near Kalabagh Town, Pakistan: Implications for the Mechanisms of Strain Accommodation. (Supervised by: Dr. Sohail Wahid)
  • Hasnain Dilpazir .2016: Evaluation of Slates from Attock-Cherat Range for use as Structural Lightweight Concrete Aggregate. (Supervised by: Dr. Rubina Bilqees)
  • Salman Ahmad Khattak .2017: Sedimentology and Biosequence Stratigraphic Modeling of the Kawagarh Formation in the Nizampur and Margalla Hills Range, NW Pakistan: Implication for Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Hanif)
  • Muhammad Rehan Sarwar .2012: Economic Potential of Jurassic to Eocene Limestone Deposits of District Abbotabad. (Supervised by: Dr. Robina Bilqees)
  • Waqar Ahmad .2017: Bio-Chemostratigraphy of the Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary/Bonareli Event (OAE2), Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Irfan Ullah Jan)
  • Abubakar .2016: Depositional Environment and Economic Geology of the Phosphate Deposits of Soban Gali and Surrounding area District Abbotabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Hanif)
  • Muhammad Rizwan .2017: Larger Benthic Forminferal Paleontology, Biostratigraphy, Depositional and Diagenetic Environments of Fort Munro Formation in Rakhi Nala Section, Sulaiman Range, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Hanif)
  • Ibrahim safi .2017: Deformation patterns in the Vicinity of Mangla Dam and their Relationship to the Jhelum Fault, NW of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Sohail Wahid)
  • Subhan Ullah .2018: Sequence Stratigraphy of the Early Permian Warchha Sandstone and Sardhai Formation, Salt Range, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Irfan Ulllah Jan)

NCE Physical Chemistry

  • Gul Tiaz Khan .2017: Synthesis and Characterization of P (NIPAM-co-MAA) Hybrid Polymer Microgels. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Saleem Khan)
  • Fatima Iqbal .2018: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies of the Adsorption of Amoxicillin from Aqueous Solution using Graphene oxide. (Supervised by: Dr. Tahira Mehmood)
  • Mujahid Khan .2018: Synthesis of Super Absorbent Hydrogels for removal of Selected Heavy Metals form Waste Water. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Saleem Khan)
  • Shah Masood Ahmad .2017: Experimental and Computational Study of Novel Oligomers and Copolumers of O-Phenylenediamine and O-Chlroraniline. (Supervised by: Dr. Salma Bilal)
  • Rabail Razzaq .2015: Removal of Nickel (II) and Cadmium (II) From Aqueous Solutions by Amberlyst-15 (H+). (Supervised by: Dr. Abdul Naeem)
  • Akhtar Ali Shah .2018: Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Conductive DBSA-Doped Polypyrrole and Polypyrrole/Graphene Oxide Composites. (Supervised by: Dr. Salma Bilal)
  • Tooba Saeed .1970: Removal of Methylene Blue and Congo Red from Model Aqueous Solution by MnO2 Nanosheets and its Composite with Polyvinyl Chloride as Potential Adsorbents. (Supervised by: Dr. Abdul Naeem)
  • Latafat Ara .2018: Preparation and Characterization of Graphene Oxide and Silver/PMMA Nanocomposites as smart Material for Sensing Application. (Supervised by: Dr. Saleem Khan)
  • Rukhsana Naz .2018: Synthesis and Characterization of Non-enzymatic Glucose Sensor Based on Copper Nickle/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Tariq)
  • Ghazala Irum .2018: Morphology Controlled Synthesis and Characterization of Uniform Fine Particles of Nickle Compounds through Oxalate Route. (Supervised by: Dr. Khlalida Akhtar)

Department of Regional Studies

  • Muhammad Waqar Azeem .2018: Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Volumetric Estimation of Tal Block, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Khista Rehman)
  • Saqib Ullah Khan .2019: Religion as Determinant of Voting Behavior in Pakistan: A Comparative Study of Central and Southern Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2013 General Election. (Supervised by: Dr. Hayat Muhammad)

Department of Psychology

  • Bibi Zainab .2017: Relationship Between Big 5 Personality Traits and Depression. (Supervised by: Dr. Erum Irshad)
  • Faheem Ud Din .2017: Religiosity, Life Satisfaction, Hope and Optimism: A Comparative study of the Disciplines and Non-disciplines. (Supervised by: Dr. Erum Irshad)
  • Nayab Sohail .2019: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Munazzah Yousaf .2019: Nill (course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Gul-E-Nayyab .2019: Nill (course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Mah Noor Laila .2019: Nill (course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Tahira Mukhtar .2019: Nill (course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Aysha Azmat .2018: Narcissism, Self-Esteem and the Number of Selfies People Post on Social Networking Sites. (Supervised by: Dr. Summiya Ahmad)
  • Shafaq Ejaz .2018: Social Anxiety as a Predictor of Adjustment of Problems and Self Efficacy Among the Students of University of Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Erum Irshad)
  • Rabia Fayyaz .2018: Prevalence of Anxiety and Resilience among Students Exposed to 2016 Terrorist Attack on Bacha Khan University Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Erum Irshad)

Department of Political Science

  • Asghar Khan .2017: Streamlining Governance in FATA (Pakistan): A Study into the Challenges, Prospects and Responses of the Tribal People. (Supervised by: Dr. Taj Moharram Khan)
  • Arif Khan .2016: An Assessment of the Peoples Party- Opposition Relationship in Pakistan (1972-1977). (Supervised by: Dr. Taj Moharram Khan)
  • Saeed Ahmad .2016: Changing Pattern of Women Politics in Traditional Society: A Case Study of District Mardan Pakistan (2001-2014). (Supervised by: Dr. Zahid Anwar)
  • Sidrat-Ul-Muntaha .2014: Perceptions about the U.S. Foreign Aid Policy Towards Pakistan: Kerry-lugar Bill in Perspective. (Supervised by: Dr. Ayub Jan)
  • Sadia Gulzar .2017: Constraints in the Empowerment of Working Women in District Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Sami Raza)
  • Irmish Khattak .2017: Geo-Politics of Pak-Afghan Relations in Post-2014: Regional Dynamics and Implications. (Supervised by: Dr. A. Z Hilali)
  • Khalid Iqbal .2019: Nill (course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Malik Kashif Ali Khan .2019: Decentralization under the Local Government Act 2013: A case Study of District Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Shahida Aman)
  • Noor Ahmad .2019: Analysis of Anti-Narcotics Policy in Post 2001 Afghanistan: A Case Study of Nanghar Province. (Supervised by: Dr. Shahida Aman)
  • Niaz Muhammad .2019: Afghan Perception on Pakistan's North Western Border Management Policy. (Supervised by: Dr. Shahida Aman)

Department of Gender Studies

  • Waqar Ali .2017: The Perception of Deobandi Ulema Regarding Women's Economic Empowerment. (Supervised by: Dr. Anoosh Khan)
  • Anwar Ul Haq .2017: Impact of Displacement on the Gender Rules of Internally Displaced Person in Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Anoosh Khan)
  • Mazhar Iqbal .2017: Women's Voice for Peace in Tappa. (Supervised by: Dr. Anoosh Khan)
  • Gul Haider .2017: Gender Identity of Transgender in Pakhtun Society. (Supervised by: Dr. Anoosh Khan)

Department of International Relations

  • Zahoor Khan .2017: International Climate Change Policy: Political and Economic Underpinnings and Pakistan's Response for Sustainable Development. (Supervised by: Shafiq Ur Rehman)
  • Uroosh Amber .2017: Indo-US Nuclear Cooperation: Implications for Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Taj Moharram)
  • Muhammad Israr .2018: Impact of Terrorism on Pakistan Aviation Industry; A case Study of Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar (2001-2015). (Supervised by: Dr. Ijaz Khan)
  • Yousaf Ali .2018: War on Terror and Media in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Tribal Areas of Pakistan (2004-2014). (Supervised by: Dr. Ijaz Khan)
  • Muhammad Zahid Ullah Khan .2018: China's Rapid Economic Growth: Cost and Benefit for Pakistan (2001-2014). (Supervised by: Dr. Minhas Majeed Khan)

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

  • Muhammad Hayat Khan .2019: Public Trust on State Institution " A Case Study of Police at Tehsil Takht Bhai Mardan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Imran Ahmad Sajid)
  • Uzma Kamal .2019: Phenomenological Inquiry of Family Dispute and its Violent Impact on Children's Socialization in Pakhtun Society. (Supervised by: Dr. Jamil Ahmad)
  • Maimona Adil .2019: Impact of Militancy on Female Dropouts in Secondary Schools in District Swat. (Supervised by: Dr. Jamil Ahmad)

Department of Social Work

  • Maliha Gull Tarar .2016: Sheltor Homes in Punjab (Pakistan). (Supervised by: Dr. Sara Safdar)
  • Shah Nawaz .2017: Socio-cultural Impediments to Girls Education in Khalil Tribe of Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Basharat Hussain)
  • Adnan Ashraf .2017: Protection, Welfare and Rehabilitation of Street Children in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Basharat Hussain)
  • Amira .2017: The Impact of Nuclearization of Family on the Status of Elderly Women: A case Study of District Sargodha. (Supervised by: Dr. Basharat Hussain)
  • Sana Ullah .2019: Effectiveness of Dispute Resolution council in Ensuring Social Justice in Dir Lower, Khyer Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Shakeel Ahmad)
  • Muhammad Kamran .2017: Adjustment Problems of the Resettlers of Tarbela Dam in Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Johar Ali)

Department of Social Anthropology

  • Liaqat Ali .2019: Ethnographic Study of Khanabadosh, District Mardan, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Taieb)

Department of Sociology

  • Muhammad Uzair .2018: Motives Behind Turnover Intention Among Teachers: A Study of Selected Private Schools in Peshawar District, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Niaz Muhammad)
  • Tariq Habib .2017: Social Media and its Impact on the Academic Performance of Postgraduate Students of the University of Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Anwar Alam)
  • Rafi Ullah .2018: School Teacher's Perspectives on Education Reforms at Primary Level Initiated by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (2013-2018). (Supervised by: Dr. Zafar Khan)
  • Muhammad Tayyab .2017: The State of Runaway Children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Case Study of Peshawar Based Protection Centers. (Supervised by: Dr. Niaz Muhammad)
  • Shah Waheed Ghalib .2018: The Impact of Pashto Movies on the Promotion of Violence (2000-2015): A Case Study of District Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Zafar Khan)
  • Aisha Alam .2018: Exploring Contemporary Women's Rights Movement in Peshawar, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Noor Sanauddin)
  • Shabir Ahmad Shah .2017: Post Militancy Intervention and Education Development in Khyber Agency. (Supervised by: Dr. Anwar Shah)
  • Mansoor .2018: Socio-Economic Causes and Consequences of Delayed Justice: A Case Study of Civil Courts of Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Niaz Muhammad)
  • Faiz Ullah .2018: Socio-Psychological Impacts of Cyber Crime on Youth: A Case Study of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Niaz Muhammmad)
  • Imran Khan .2018: Sociological Analysis of Violent Political Behavior at District Mardan. (Supervised by: Dr. Zafar Khan)

Department of Economics

  • Fariha Naz .2017: The Impact of Terrorism on the Economy of Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Munir Khan Khattak)
  • Murad Khan .2017: Post Production Value Chain and Supply Chain Analysis of Peach in Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Zilakat Khan)
  • Hasina Wajid .2016: Socio-economic Impact of Foreign Remittances on Recipient households in District Chitral, Khyber Pakhutunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Zilakat Khan)
  • Sumera Shabnum .2017: Comparative Study of the Drivers of Human Capital Outflow: A case study of District Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Nadeem Iqbal)
  • Tabassum Haq .2018: Gender Wage Gap, Female Labor Force Participation and its Impact on Economic Growth of Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Amjad Amin)
  • Marukh Zahir .2017: Crowding in and Crowding out in Pakistan: A Co-integration Analysis of Public and Private Investment (1972-2015). (Supervised by: Dr. Zilakat Khan Malik)
  • Muhammad Abbas Qazi .2018: Economic Assessment and Impact of Climate Change on Jujube Honey: A case Study of District Karak. (Supervised by: Suleman Amin)
  • Muhammad Waqas .2017: Income Status and Earning Opportunities for Transgenders in Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Naila Nazir)
  • Ijaz Ul Haq .2019: Macro Economic effects of Foreign Aid and Remittances in Pakistan. (Supervised by: Mr. Nadeem Iqbal)
  • Hajira .2017: Trade Openness and Economic Growth in Pakistan 1975-2015. (Supervised by: Dr. Amjad Amin)

Institute of Education and Research

  • Swehra Moeed .2017: Pakistan National Education Policy 2009 and Intermediate Level Chemistry Curriculum. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Rauf)
  • Inayat Ur Rehman .2016: Performance Evaluation of Peshawar Based Public and Private Schools in Secondary School Certificate Examination (2010-2014). (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Rauf)
  • Nida Ayaz .2018: Awareness of Meta-cognition and its effects on University Students Academic Achievements in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Naeem Butt)
  • Aisha Kanwal .2018: Effects of Stress-Related Coping Strategies on Students Academic Achievements in University of Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. M. Naeem Butt)
  • khuban Bibi .2018: Problems in the Implementation of National Education Policy of (2009) at Primary level in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Amjad Reba)
  • Jamil Ahmad Khan .2019: Analysis of Teacher Induction Policy (2017) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. M. Naeem Butt)
  • Sana Tabassum .2018: Effects of Information and Communication Technology on Students Learning in Public Sector Universities of Peshawar Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Amjad Reba)
  • Hina .2019: Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Conflict Management Behavior and Academic Performance of Bs Home Economics Students. (Supervised by: Dr. Amjad Reba)
  • Fazal Rahman .2017: The Role of Psychological Capital towards Teacher's Job Commitment and Students Achievements: A Case Study of University of Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Arshad Ali)

Law College

  • Sana Afzal .2017: Suo Moto Actions Taken by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and their Impact on the Independence of Judiciary (2005-2014). (Supervised by: Inayat Ullah Khan)
  • Hina Allauddin .2017: Analysis of Intellectual Property Law with Special Reference to Patent Laws in Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Innayat Ullah Khan)
  • Abdul Zakir .2018: Legal Analysis of Benami Transaction in Pakistan. (Supervised by: Rafia Naz Ali)
  • Maryam Qasim .2018: A Critique of Legal system of Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Sohail Shahzad)
  • Kiran Nisar .2018: A Comparative Study of the Legislation on Child labour in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. (Supervised by: Dr. Sohail Shahzad)
  • Naghma Farid .2018: Insanity as Legal Defense in Pakistan Criminal Law and the Concept of Diminished Responsibility. (Supervised by: Dr. Sohail Shahzad)

Institute of Management Studies

  • Saif Ullah Khan .2017: Determinants and Dimensions of Citizen Trust on Federal Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Buhsra Hamid)
  • Rabi Ullah .2017: The Mediating Role of Employees Engagement on the Relationship Between Talent Management Practices and Employees Retention in the Telecom Sector Peshawar, KP. (Supervised by: Dr. Syed Imad Shah)
  • Duri Nayab .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Affifa Anjum Khattak .1970: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Muhammad Hashim Khan .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Ayesha Wali .2018: Psychological Contract Breach and Employee Engagement in Peshawar Based Selected Public and Private Universities. (Supervised by: Dr. Zia Obaid)
  • Maqsood Ali Shah .2018: The Impact of Future Contract on Weak from of Efficient: Evidence from Pakistan Stock Exchange. (Supervised by: Dr. Naimat Ullah Khan)
  • Adnan Afridi .2018: An Analysis of Stock Market's Interaction: The case of Pakistan with Selected North American and European Stock Markets. (Supervised by: Dr. Mumtaz Hussain Shah)
  • Malik Ubaid Shah .2019: The factors driving foreign Direct Investment in SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Corporation) Countries. (Supervised by: Dr. Mumtaz Hussain Shah)
  • Nidda Arshad Rohaila .2019: The Health of Political Institutions and inward FDI : a comparative analysis of South Asian Associations for Regional Corporation (SAARC) and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Economies. (Supervised by: Dr. Mumtaz Hussain Shah)

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

  • Muhammad Shahid .2017: Problems and Prospectus of English Press in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Mr. Naeem Gul)
  • Mehboob ur Rehman .2019: Effects of under-representation of Local Language Khowar in the National Mass Media: A case Study of State-Run PTV National. (Supervised by: Dr. Faiz ullah Jan)
  • Safi Ullah .2019: Press coverage of FATA in KP's Urdu Language Press: Daily Mashriq and Daily Aaj. (Supervised by: Dr. Naeem Gul)

College of Home Economics

  • Lubna Sattar .2017: An Analysis of Socio-Economic Problems of Street Children in Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen Nizam)
  • Madiha Ahmad .2017: Development Prospects of Handloom Industry in Khyber Pakhunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Kausar Takreem)
  • Ayesha Ijaz .2017: Impact of Income on Psychological Well-being of Family and Parenting Behavior in Peshawar District. (Supervised by: Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen Nizam)
  • Madiha Zeb .2017: Mere Expuse Effect in Fasion: Change in Sensitivity towards the exposed Female Body Among Early Adult Women. (Supervised by: Dr. Mussarat Tariq)
  • Sadaf Asghar .2017: Psycho-socio Correlated in Relation to Brand Wearing Behavior in Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Mussarat Tariq)
  • Faryal Yousaf .2017: Personal Attire of Women in Relation to Identity formation: A case of Peshawar City. (Supervised by: Dr. Mussarat Tariq)
  • Saima Akhtar .2016: Proximate Composition and Nutrient Analysis of Common Source of Meat in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Syeda Kinza Fatima Haider)
  • Shumaila .2017: Effect of Antinutrient in Diet on the Absorption of Minerals. (Supervised by: Dr. Farhat Shehzad)
  • Roshan E Zafar .2017: Implications of Perceived Body Weight on Weight Management and Psychological Distress among Adolescents of Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Mussarat Tariq)
  • Urooj E Khizran .2018: A Study of Women Portraits of King Jahangir's Era and its modifications through Graphics. (Supervised by: Dr. Zille Huma)

Centre of Biotechnology and Microbiology

  • Faheem Ahmed Khan .2017: Replacement of Protein Source in the Existing Poultry Feed with Single Cell Microbial Protein. (Supervised by: Dr. Nafees Bacha)
  • Naeem Ullah .2016: Bioassay-Guided Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Steroidal Alkaloids from Sarcococca Saligna (D.DON) Muel. (Supervised by: Dr. Bashir Ahmad)
  • Shaista Mehnaz .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Dr. Bashir Ahmad)
  • Asaf Ali Khan .2017: Multi Drug Resistance in Gram-Negative Bacteria Causing Nosocomial Infections in Tertiary Care Hospitals Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Ibrar Khan)
  • Sadaf Akbar .2018: Occurrence of Virulence Genes Encoding the Type III Effector Proteins among Clinical Isolates of Pesudomonas Aeruginosa in two Teaching Hospitals, Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Bashir Ahmad)
  • Nadia Bashir .2017: In-Vitro Antileishmanial Activity of Terbinafine and Miconazole Against Leishmania Tropica. (Supervised by: Dr. Sadiq Azam)
  • Muhammad Riaz .2017: Study on Multi Drug, Extensive Drug and Pandrug Resistance in Septicemic Infaints. (Supervised by: Dr. Ibrar Khan)
  • Abdur Rafay .2018: Nill (Coursework based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Rabia Zeb .2017: Prevalence of Brucellosis and its Related Risk Factors in patients at Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Dargai Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Sadiq Azam)
  • Sonia Amir .2018: Isolation and Characterization of Colicin E2/E7 Producing E.Coli from Human Fecal Samples. (Supervised by: Dr. Bashir Ahmad)

Department of Botany

  • Muhammad Israr .2016: Alleviation of Salt Stress by the Exogenous Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Sunflower (Helianthus annus L.). (Supervised by: Dr. Nadeem Ahmad)
  • Imtiaz Ahmad .2017: Pharmacognosy of Viola canescens Wall. (Supervised by: Dr. Barkat Ullah)
  • Asad Khan .2018: Phytodiversity and Ethnoecological Evaluation of Plants of Tirah Valley, Khyber Agency. (Supervised by: Dr. Lal Badshah)
  • Aamir Sohail .2018: Phytoecological and Ethnobotanical Profile of Tehsil Lal Qilla District Dir, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Siraj-ud-Din)
  • Tauheed Ul Haq .2019: Effect of Glutamic Acid Capped Iron nanoparticles on Amelioration of Resistivity to Osmotic Stress in Mung Bean VIGNA RADIATA (L.) R. Wilczek. (Supervised by: Dr. Rehman Ullah)
  • Saif Ul Islam .2019: Allelopathic effect of Tamarix Aphylla L. on Agronomical and Biochemical characteristics Zea Mays L. (Maize). (Supervised by: Dr. Zahir Muhammad)

Institute of Chemical Sciences

  • Farhat Naz .2017: Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Indigenous Mushrooms and Mango Kernels. (Supervised by: Dr. Ghias Uddin)
  • Sheema .2018: Microbial Transformation of Seenidazole and Artemether. (Supervised by: Dr. Ghias Uddin)
  • Nazir Ullah .2017: Radiolabeling of 99m Tc~ Ethambutol and Biological Evaluation in Animal Model. (Supervised by: Dr. Syed Qaisar Shah)
  • Saira Sardar .2017: Phytochemical and Biological Investigation on Withania Coagulans and Vitex Agnus-Cactus. (Supervised by: Dr. Ghias Uddin)
  • Dure Shawar Sharif .2018: Effect of Heating on Metabolism, Stability and Bioavailability of Isothiocyanates from Cruciferous Vegatbles. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Inran)
  • Niaz Muhammad .2018: Synthesis and Characterization of Reduced magnetic Graphene Oxide for Removal of Dyes from Aqueous Solutions. (Supervised by: Dr. Kashif Gul)
  • Zafar Ali Shah .2017: Preparation, Characterization and Application of Polyaniline Coated Sulfur Manganese Dioxide Composite. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Yaseen)
  • Wajid Khan .2017: Demineralization, Desulphurization and Deashing Studies on Low Rank Indigenous Coal (Cherat). (Supervised by: Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad)
  • Hameed Shah .2012: Antimicrobial Potential and Some Secondary Metabolites from the Plant Chenopodium Ambrosioides Linn. (Supervised by: Dr. M. Nisar Ahmad)
  • Eman Gul .2018: Phosphotungtic Acid Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Based Composites Enhanced Electrochemical Properties. (Supervised by: Dr. Ata ur Rahman)

Department of Environmental Sciences

  • Nausheen Shaukat .2017: Quantification and Characterization of Particulate (PM25) and Its Health Effects in Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Sardar Khan)
  • Nazish Huma Khan .2017: On Site-Waste Management and Industrial Symbiosis of Hayatabad Industrial Estate, Peshawar. (Supervised by: Dr. Mohammad Nafees)
  • Sehrish Nigar .2017: Response of Mung Bean (Vigna Radiata) to Tropospheric Ozone using Ethylenediurea (EDU) and Mg(No3)2. (Supervised by: Dr. Sardar Khan)
  • Sadaf Saeed .2018: Preparation and Application of Compost from Recycled Paper Mill Sludge with Canal Deposited Sediments for Wheat Crop. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Nafees)
  • Mian Atiq Ul Mabood .2016: Flood Mitigation Practices in District Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman)
  • Zafar Ali .2019: Nill (Course based Degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Bimisal Afridi .2018: Effect of water stress and phosphorous on different developmental stages of maize crop. (Supervised by: Dr. Asif Khan Khattak)
  • San Ullah .2019: The Impact of Changing Temperature and Precipitation on the Yield of Selected Crops in Mingora Swat. (Supervised by: Dr. Saeeda Yousaf)
  • Muhammad Nasir .2019: Nill (Course Based Degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Muhammad Ilyas .2019: Nill (Course Based Degree). (Supervised by: Nill)

Department of Pharmacy

  • Rukhsana .2017: Isolation of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites and Pharmacological Studies of Viola Serpens Wall. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Saeed)
  • Aman Ullah .2017: Pharmocokinetic Drug-Drug Interactions Evaluation of Meloxicam With Slected Co-Prescribed Drugs. (Supervised by: Dr. Zafar Iqbal)
  • Jawad Khan .2018: Studies on the Nociceptive, Inflammatory and Neurophatic Pain Relieving Potential of Cyclohexenone Derivatives. (Supervised by: Dr. Gowhar Ali)
  • Asif Khan .2019: Nill (Course Based Degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Sabahat Zehra Qasmi .2019: Therapeutic Strategies for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and its Pharmacoeeconomics in Post Menupausal Women at Tertiary Care Hospitals in Peshawar Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Jamshaid Ali Khan)
  • Najeeb ullah .2019: Nill (Course Based Degree). (Supervised by: Dr. Fazal Subhan)
  • Faiz Ali Khan .2019: Preclinical Evaluation of Selected Synthetic Flavanone Derivative in Pain Syndrome. (Supervised by: Dr. Gowhar Ali)
  • Hussain Shah .2019: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Muhammad Hassan .2019: Fabrication, Characterization, In-vitro and In-vivo Evaluation of Etoposide Loaded Polymeric Naoparticles. (Supervised by: Dr. Zafar Iqbal)

Department of Geology

  • Rahmat Khan .2018: Palynostratigraphy and Depositional Settings of the Early Permain Dandot Formations, Salt Range, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Suleman Khan)
  • Umar Farooq .2018: Field and Petrograhic Investigation of the Contact between Chilas Complex and Kamila Amphibolites, North Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Arif)
  • Sohail Raza .2019: Hydrocarbon Sources and Reservoir Rock Characterization of the Peshawar Basin, Northwest Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Sajjad Ahmad)
  • Bilal Wadood .2019: Sequence Stratigraphy, Diagenesis and Reservoir Evaluation: A Case Study of Samana Suk Formation, Kala Chitta Range, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Suleman Khan)
  • Salman Khalid .2019: Role of Kalabagh Fault in the Structural Geometry of the Area around Shakardara Village, Kohat Basin, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Sajjad Ahmad)
  • Aizaz Ur Rahman .2019: Bio-Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous strata exposed in the Ziarat Ahmdoon and Gogai Section, Western Sulaiman Range, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Suliman Khan)

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

  • Muhammad Hamayun .2017: Physio-Chemical and Biological Analysis of Drinking Water in Tehsil Khaar, Bajaur Agency, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Zulfiqar Ali)

Department of Geography

  • Khalid Hussain .2018: Impact of Rainfall and Temperature Variability on Rain-fed Agriculture in Dir Lower, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Jamal Nasir)
  • Ibrar Ullah .2018: Impact of land use on spatial and Seasonal variation of crimes in 2016, using GIS hotspot technique in Peshawar city District. (Supervised by: Dr. Sami Ullah)
  • Qeyam Ud Din .2019: Spatial Analysis of Landslides Susceptibility Using Multiple Models in Lilownai Valley, District Shangla, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman)
  • Muhammad Barkat Ali Khan .2019: Extent and Evaluation of Communities Resilience to Flash Floods and Landslides: A Comparative Analysis of Chail and Daral Valleys of District Swat, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman)
  • Samia Naz .2017: Impact of Climate Change on Fruit Orchards in Tehsil Haripur. (Supervised by: Dr. Iffat Tabassum)
  • Muhammad Tufail .2019: Delineation of Groundwater Potential Zones and their Vulnerability to Contamination, using Multi influencing Factors and Drastic Approach: A Case Study of District Nowshera. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammajd Jamal Nasir)
  • Atiq Ur Rehman .2018: Impact of Small Dams on Agriculture; An Ex-post Evaluation of Plai Dam, Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Jamal Nasir)
  • Khadija Bibi .2019: Flash flood potential and assessment of susceptibility using weight of evidence model in upper Swat valley, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman)

Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management

  • Shahid Iqbal .2017: Impact of Floods-2010 on the Livelihood of Farming Community at District Charsadda, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Meritorious Prof. Dr. Amir Nawaz Khan)
  • Idrees Jehan .2018: An Assessment of Meteorological Drought and Trends Detection in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan (1965-2015). (Supervised by: Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman)
  • Iqra Rehman .2018: Assessing Women's Vulnerability to Flood Hazard in Tehsil Shujabad District Multan, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Mushtaq Ahmad Jan)
  • Said Ikhtiar .2018: Impacts of Flash Floods on Agriculture Sector during 200-2015: A case Study of Tehsil Gadezai, District Bunir, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Amir Nawaz Khan)
  • Shah Nawaz Khan .2018: Risk Assessment of Flash Floods along Budhni Nullah, District Peshawar, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Amir Nawaz khan)

Centre of Plant Biodiversity

  • Faisal Khan .2019: Carbon Stock Assessment of Pinus Roxburghi Sargent Forest in Maidan Valley, Dir Lower. (Supervised by: Dr. Asad Ullah)
  • Hazrat Ali .2018: Phytochemical Investigation and Biological Screening of Nannorrhops Ritchiana (Griff) Aitchison From Bannu, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Bashir Ahmad)
  • Uzma Ahmad .2019: Assessment of Indigenous and exotic phytodiversity at Hayatabad township, Peshawar, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Asad Ullah)
  • Aizaz Ur Rahman .2018: Phytodiversity and Ethnobotanical Assessment of Higher Vascular Plants of Tehsil Choa Saiden Shah Chakwal, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Asad Ullah)
  • Sehrish Sajawal .2018: Diversity, Ethnobotanical Study and Conservation Issues of Tree Species in Abbotabad City, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Asad Ullah)
  • Shaha Buddin .2019: Diversity, Ethnobotany and Conservation Studies of Higher Vascular Plants ar Baragali Abbotabad. (Supervised by: Dr. Asad Ullah)
  • Zia Ul Islam .2019: Floristic Diversity and Economic Importance of Plant Resources at Sakrah Valley, District Mardan, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Syed Ghias Ali)
  • Syed Aslam Shah .2019: Plant Diversity, Economic Importance and Marketability of some Selected Woody Species in District Charsadda. (Supervised by: Dr. Syed Ghias Ali)
  • Izhar Ullah .2019: Diversity, Medicinal uses and Conservation Studies of Graveyards Flora of Palosi Peshawar, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Syed Ghias Ali)

Department of Zoology

  • Kausar .2017: Diversity and Distribution of ants (Formicidae: Hymenoptera) in District Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Implications of Taxonomy and Ecology. (Supervised by: Dr. Syed Basit Rasheed)
  • Sakina Bibi .2018: Clinical Characterization of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and its impact on Psychosocial aspects of Patients. (Supervised by: Dr. Hamza Habib Khan)
  • Fazal Subhan .2017: Development of Cost-effective Feed for Growth of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). (Supervised by: Zaihjam Hassan)
  • Muhammad Yaqub .2018: Prevalence and Risk Factors of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Genotypes in Hemophilia Patients of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Sanaullah Khan)
  • Rahat Ullah .2018: Taxonomy Survey of Stink Bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) of District Dir Lower, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Qaisar Jamal)
  • Saeed Ullah .2018: Detection of Mutation in Pre-S1 and Pre-S2 Regions of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Sanaullah Khan)
  • Ghazala Subhan .2018: In Vitro and In Vivi Activity of Chloroquine and Meglimine Antimonate Against Leishmania Tropica KWH23. (Supervised by: Dr. Akram Shah)
  • Amina Sabir .2018: Detection of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus in Fish Fauna of River Swat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Sanaullah Khan)
  • Qudrat Ullah .2017: Identifying Species-Specific Clinical Variability of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Peshawar and Jamrud Regions. (Supervised by: Dr. Sobia Wahid)
  • Anwar Sultana .2018: Diversity and Nest pattern of Wasp Fauna (Hymenoptera: Vespide) in kabal, Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Basit Rasheed)

Pashto Academy

  • Abdul Hakim Shah .2017: Dastar Nama (Editing and Research). (Supervised by: Dr. Noor Muhammad Danish Bettani)
  • Atta ur Rahman .2018: Nill (Coursework based degree). (Supervised by: Dr. sher Zaman Seemab)
  • Atta Ullah .2017: Pukhto ke da Azad Nazam Irteqa. (Supervised by: Dr. sher Zaman Seemab)
  • Hameed Ullah Khan .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Dr. Sherzaman Seemab)

Department of Urdu

  • Subhan Ullah .2017: Molana Zafar Ali Khan ki shaeri may maghribi estemar ky khilaf muzahamti rawayyey. (Supervised by: Dr. Salman Ali)
  • Inayat Ullah Khan .2018: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Mahwish Rahim .2018: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Shazia Mahmood .2018: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Arifa Begum .2018: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Zuhra Jabeen .2018: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Sabir Khan .2018: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Laila Noor .2018: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • jawad ur Rahman .2018: Nill (Course based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Muhammad Yousaf .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)

Department of Arabic

  • Fozia .2015: Rhetorical Peculiarities of the Ahadith of Al-Sihah (fromt he Book of Al-At'imah to the Book of Al-Libas). (Supervised by: Dr. Mussarat jamal)
  • Muhammad Asim .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)
  • Saba Mughal .2018: Al-Husari and his Poem Al-Daliah. (Supervised by: Dr. Yaqoob Khan Marwat)
  • Syeda Durr-e-Shahwar Gilani .2018: Al-Amiri and the Impact of the Holy Qura'n on his Divan "Ma'a Allah" (An Analytical Descriptive Study). (Supervised by: Dr. Khansa Al-Jaje)

Department of Islamiyat

  • Fakhrul Islam .2017: Tesri Sadi Hijri tak Seerat aur Tafseeri Adab Kay Hawalay se Yahudi Wa Masihi Tarikh Kay Nomayan Waqi'at Kay Asnadi Mayar Ka Naqedana Jaiza. (Supervised by: Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad)
  • Zeb Saifullah .2019: A Critical Analysis of Sirah Writings of the Two 20th Century American Muslims: Omid Safi and Jonathan A.C. Brown. (Supervised by: Dr. Miraj-ul-Islam Zia)

Department of History

  • Asmat Tanveer .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Dr. Altaf Qadir)
  • Zahid Ali22222 .2018: Nill (Course work based degree). (Supervised by: Nill)

Department of Archaeology

  • Zarawar Khan .2016: The Buddhist Narrative Relief: a Study of the Collection of Directorate of Arechaeology and Museums, Khyber Pakhunkhwa, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Naseem Khan)
  • Sami Ullah .2018: The Coinage and History of Samantdeva Reconstructing Political History of the Hindu Shahis: Evidence from Peshawar Museum. (Supervised by: Dr. Gul Rahim Khan)
  • Naveed Khan .2017: Study and Analysis of Fresco Paintings of the Hindu Period Temples at Katas Raj, District Chakwal, Punjab. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Nasim Khan)
  • Jan Muhammad .2018: Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development in Swat Valley Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: An Analytical Study. (Supervised by: Dr. Zakirullah Jan)
  • Furad Ali .2018: Juvenile Justice System and the Rehabilitation of Juveniles in Pakistan: A Case Study of District Mardan. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammmad Taieb)
  • Muhammad Wali Ullah .2018: Ceramics from the Neolithic Site of Jhandi Babar 1 in the Gomal Plain: A case Study of its Typology, Technology and Decoration. (Supervised by: Dr. Zakir Ullah Jan)
  • Rahman Nawaz .2018: Geophysical Survey at Rehman Dheri in the Gomal Plain, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Implication for Studies of Sub-surface Archaeological Features using Non-Destructive Method. (Supervised by: Dr. Zakir Ullah Jan)
  • Maria Khan .2019: Stone Beads from Rehman Dheri Excavations 2015-2017: A Study of their Classification and Technology. (Supervised by: Dr. Zakir Ullah Jan)

Department of English and Applied Linguistics

  • Aqsa Maryam .2017: Possible Worlds of Macabre: Understanding Poe. (Supervised by: Dr. Rubina Rahman)
  • Gulalai Taj ud Din .2018: Development of the Domestic Woman Independence and Individuality in Ibsen's A Doll's House. (Supervised by: Dr. Shazia Babar)
  • Uzma .2017: Use of English Swear Words by Pashto Non-Native Speakers of English: A Study in English Attitude. (Supervised by: Dr. Amjad Saleem)

Department of Physics

  • Fozia Sanam .2017: Linear and Nonlinear Investigation of Coupled Ion-Acoustic and Drift Waves in Magnetized non-Thermal Electron Ion Plasma. (Supervised by: Anisa Qamar)
  • Saira Begum .2017: Elemental and Morphological Investigation of Aerosol Pollutants in Peshawar and Faisalabad and their Comparative Analysis. (Supervised by: Dr. Khan Alam)
  • Nadia Khan .2018: Synthesis of Carbon-Based Nano-materials on quartz filter paper for Environmental applications. (Supervised by: Dr. Khan Alam)
  • Zafar Iqbal .2018: Iron Nanoparticles Based Carbon Nanofibers for Water Filtration Application. (Supervised by: Dr. Shahid Ali)
  • Syed Hatim Shah .2017: Density Functional Theory Based Study of Half-Heuslar Compounds of the Type I-III-IV of the Periodic Table. (Supervised by: Dr. Shah Haidar Khan)
  • Mehboob Ali Shah .2009: Bentonite of NWFP, its Micro Structure and Physical Properties for Industrial Application. (Supervised by: Dr. Nazir Shah Khattak)
  • Naveed Yousaf .2018: First Principle study of Band Structure, Optical Response and Thermoelectric Properties of Quaternary Chalcogenides. (Supervised by: Dr. Shah Haidar Khan)
  • Abdul Ahad Khan .2018: An Investigation of the Structural, Electric and Magnetic Properties of Cubic Manganese Oxides. (Supervised by: Dr. Afzal Khan)
  • Imran Ullah .2018: Comparison of Electron Temperature Measurements in MAPE-ICP Using Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Langmuir Probe Techniques. (Supervised by: Dr. Shahid Naseer)
  • Karishma Sualiheen .2018: Quantum Paraelectric nature of Silver Tantalate and its Electrical Properties by Lithium-Modification for Possible Device Applications. (Supervised by: Dr. Hidayat Ullah Khan)

Department of Electronics

  • Mr. Shah Fahad .2018: An Efficient and Adaptive Energy Cooperation in Internet of Things using Energy Harvesting. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Asif)
  • Fazal Amin Khalil .2017: Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Synchronization and Management System. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Asif)
  • Nayyera Saba .2018: Humidity Sensing Properties of Graphene Oxide Nanofibres. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Asif)
  • Sonia Altaf .2018: A Comparative Study of the Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks with the Proposed Model of Energy Conservation. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Asif)
  • Zafar Khan .2017: Minutiae Based low quality finger print recognition with novel template encryption and protection algorithm. (Supervised by: Dr. Sana Ul Haq)
  • Muhammad Javed .2019: Design and Analysis of Novel to DC to DC boost converter. (Supervised by: Dr. Nadir Ali Khan)
  • Muhammad Waqar .2019: A four stage parallel inductor capacitor high step up DC to DC intervealed boost converter. (Supervised by: Dr. Nadir Ali Khan)
  • Muhammad Shoiab .2018: Audio-Visual Emotions Recognition using Multi level Fusion. (Supervised by: Dr. Sana Ul Haq)
  • Imran Khan .2018: Human Emotion Recognition from Audio-Visual Data using Hierarchical Approach based on different distance measures. (Supervised by: Dr. Sana UI Haq)

Department of Computer Science

  • Sehrish Rafiq .2017: Discovering Semantic Relationships Among PDF Book Figures Using Contextual Similarity. (Supervised by: Dr. Shah Khusro)
  • Sumaira Rasool .2017: Quality Service Analysis of Stream Control Transmission protocol in Vehicular Adhoc Networks. (Supervised by: Dr. Saeed Mahfooz)
  • Shaukat Ali .2017: Exploiting Sensor Data Semantics for Smartphone-Based Life-logging: Towards the Development of Digital Prosthetic Memory on Smartphones. (Supervised by: Dr. Shah Khusro)
  • Muhammad Zeeshan .2017: An immune Based Flow Control Anomaly Detection Using Negative Selection with R-Contiguous Bit Matching For Wireless sensor Networks. (Supervised by: Dr. Huma Javed)
  • Izaz .2017: Smart white Cane for Identifying Walking Patterns of A Visually Impaired Person Through Smartphone Sensor Data Fusion. (Supervised by: Dr. Shah Khusro)
  • Muhsin Ul Mulk Siddiqi .2017: Enhanced Location Aware Fast Handover in Inproxy Mobile IPy6. (Supervised by: Dr. Saeed Mahfooz)
  • Imam Ud Din .2017: Semantic History: Ontology-based Modeling of Users, Web Browsing Behaviors for Improved Web Page Revisitation. (Supervised by: Dr. Shah Khusro)
  • Nabeela .2017: A Right Tag Cloud Interface To A Book Collection. (Supervised by: Dr. Shah Khusro)
  • Rashad saeed Mohammad Saeed .2018: Anatomization Through Generalization (AG): A New Hybrid Privacy Acy-Preserving Approach to Prevent Membership, Identity and Attributes Disclosure Attacks. (Supervised by: Dr. Ashraf Rauf)
  • Muhammad Zubair .2017: QOS -Aware Load-Balanced IP Routing Scheme Based on Shortest Paths in House Model. (Supervised by: Dr. Saeed Mahfooz)

Department of Statistics

  • Farooq Ahmad .2018: Structural Equation Modeling for Evaluating the Performance of Test Match Winning Team. (Supervised by: Dr. Qamaruz Zaman)
  • Mashal .2018: Statistical Modeling of Child Malnutrition in South Asia. (Supervised by: Dr. S.M Asim)
  • Nisar Ullah .2018: Econometric Modeling of the Factors Affecting Balance of Trade of Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Syed Muhammad Asim)
  • Aftab Ahmad .2019: Biostatistical Study of Clinical Risk Factors of Hypertension. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Iqbal)
  • Abdul Majid .2018: The Effect os Strategic Time Out in T20: A Case Study of Pakistan Super League. (Supervised by: Dr. Qamruz Zaman)
  • Muhammad Ashfaq Khan .2018: Geo-Additive Modeling Undernutrition in Three Flood Affected Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (Supervised by: Dr. Alamgir)
  • Ilyas karim Khan .2018: Time Series Forecasting of Daily Gold Prices in Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. Qamruz Zaman)
  • Tehseen Ullah .2019: Modeling of the Statistical Measurement of Players Performance in T-20 Cricket. (Supervised by: Dr. Qamruz Zaman)
  • Mansab Ali .2019: Splitting Criteria for Classification Treee Based on Absolute Deviation from Median. (Supervised by: Dr. Qamruzaman)
  • Asad Ullah .2019: Estimation of Parameters of 3-Component Mixture Model under Bayesian Paradigm using censoring scheme-I. (Supervised by: Dr. Alamgir)

Department of Mathematics

  • Nadeem Haider .2017: Haar wavelet and Meshless Techniques for Elliptic and Parabolic Models with interfaces. (Supervised by: Dr. Imran Aziz)
  • Muhammad Asif .2017: Haar wavelet Approach for Numerical Solution of Three Dimensional Partial Differential Equations. (Supervised by: Dr. Imran Aziz)
  • Ejaz Hussain .2017: Asymptotic Stability of Continuous Linear Switched Systems. (Supervised by: Dr. Akbar Zada)
  • Muhammad Fazil .2018: On Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities with Applications. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Adil Khan)
  • Tahir Ullah Khan .2018: Generalizing Fractional Integrals and Related Results. (Supervised by: Dr.Muhammad Adil Khan)
  • Malik Aizaz Ali .2018: New Parameterized Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities With Applications to Means. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Adil Khan)
  • Abdul Basir .2018: On Majorization and Favard's inequalities. (Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Adil Khan)
  • Sartaj Ali .2018: Ulam-Hyers Stability of Fractional Differential Equations with Non-Instantaneous Impulses and Boundary Conditions. (Supervised by: Dr. Akbar Zada)
  • Tehzeeb Qazi .2018: Numerical Solution of Elliptic Partial Integro-Differential Equations via Haar Wavelet. (Supervised by: Dr. Imran Aziz)
  • Syed Muqsit Shah .2018: Accuracy of Series Solution in the Laminar Flow of Rotating Prolate Spheroid. (Supervised by: Dr. Absul Samad)